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Type: Incomplete, and will never be completed ^^;
Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog (with random guest appearances)
Rating: PG (with suggestive things o'course)
Summary: The Sonic Crew is bored. So what do they do? Wreak chaos, of course!

this is a fic i posted over at fanfiction.net FOUR YEARS AGO. YES! FOUR years ago. probably more than! it was published all the way back in mid/late 2002.
... hence, the young-sounding, hyper me in the author's notes. xD

this fic had over 300 reviews in the almost-two years it was up, and i had lots of fans from this fandom. many flamed me for it. many defended me for it. next to "We're in Hyrule, stupid!", this is my gem of a story. ♥

it's not finished... 23/30 chapters. they deleted the fic before i could finish the story. and YEAH, IT HAD A PLOT! or well... i made it have a plot 3/4 of the way there. ^^;; but yeah they were supposed to go to college! 'boredom' was supposed to be the prequel to sonic19902's own mega-popular sonic fic, "college days!"

though, someone reported him, and then eventually they reported me too, so they both got deleted. GAAAAHHH. =____________=;;;;;;+++++ eh well i saw it coming though. but still! *shakes fist at the person(s) who reported her*

and i'm just archiving it here for my own purpose, teehee. plus i'm putting a link to this in my ff.net profile in case some lost soul wonders if 'boredom' would ever be posted anywhere, since they were bugging me to post it on mediaminer or something. o.O; i got annoyed at mediaminer though.

anyway, it's kinda lame in the first few chapters (1-6) since it's in script form cuz thats how i wrote when i was a newbie back then.  in chapter 7 i start writing traditionally, with paragraphs and quotes and stuff. but ionno, as i read it, i was cracking up. silly middle school humor i suppose? xD; i'm keeping everything exactly the way i wrote it four years ago, with all the author's notes and errors and everything.

the actual chapters will be in separate entries cuz they're huge and LJ won't let me bunch them up in groups. x.X;; links to all the chapters will be here.


- CHAPTER 10 -

- CHAPTER 11 -
- CHAPTER 12 -
- CHAPTER 13 -
- CHAPTER 14 -
- CHAPTER 15 -

- CHAPTER 16 -
- CHAPTER 17 -
- CHAPTER 18 -
- CHAPTER 19 -
- CHAPTER 20 -

- CHAPTER 21 -
- CHAPTER 22 -
- CHAPTER 23 -

Special! the unfinished chapter 24, which never got to be published since ff.net deleted 'boredom' before i could... it's seriously unfinished. it's short. but here. xD
- (the unfinished ¦D;) CHAPTER 24 -

see anything wrong with the links? don't hesitate to tell me. ^^ if somebody out there does end up reading this crack series, please leave a comment!

~ nagami cabasa
(entry originally posted: January 08, 2007; 07:49PM)

[fic] Australian Beef

Title: Australian Beef
Rating: G... I think
Genre: humor. OH ZE CRACK.
Pairing: Eventual Akame!
Summary: Kame got upset cuz they had no Aussie beef.
A/N: Muahahhaa, written back in September while I was in a moving bus in Australia! Oh it's pure stupidness. Seriously. Flame me for it if you want, even though it was just for fun. ^^;
I dunno, I got a kick out of it. Maybe someone else might too. o.O;;

Kame went to the grocery store one day...Collapse )

¦DDDD;;;;;;;;;;; Did anyone get that Sonic Adventure 2 reference? No huh? Ahaha.....
special; chapter 24 (unfinished)Collapse )

yep. ends there. :D;;;
i hope whoever reads this insane, stupid, yet loveable fic had fun and leaves a comment. :P <333;;;;