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[fic] Australian Beef

Title: Australian Beef
Rating: G... I think
Genre: humor. OH ZE CRACK.
Pairing: Eventual Akame!
Summary: Kame got upset cuz they had no Aussie beef.
A/N: Muahahhaa, written back in September while I was in a moving bus in Australia! Oh it's pure stupidness. Seriously. Flame me for it if you want, even though it was just for fun. ^^;
I dunno, I got a kick out of it. Maybe someone else might too. o.O;;

Kame went to the grocery store one day. He was hungry and wanted to eat some hamburgers. But Kame was a very picky boy as he wanted a burger with Australian beef. So he went up to the pre-packaged section and looked for an Australian burger.

He saw a burger and said to one employee, "Is this Australian beef?"

"No," the lady replied. "This is Japan, smarty."

Kame got upset cuz they had no Aussie beef. So he threw a tantrum like a spoiled little girl and flew out of the building on Pegasus the magical flying unicorn.

"Foo!" Pegasus screamed, "Why you up all on my grill?!"

Kame blinked. "But you don't have a grill."

Pegasus neighed and bucked Kame off.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Kame screamed as he fell through the atmosphere. On the way, he saw Shadow the Hedgehog.

"Work it, baby!" Shadow laughed.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Kame kept screaming.

After a few hours of falling, Kame began to see land!


Meanwhile in Hawaii, there was a man there who two girls called Aya. Aya was speaking to Japanese tourists, even though he was Filipino and knew only three words in Japanese.

"Kuruma desu ka?!" he asked. Before the Japanese tourists could answer, Kame landed on them. Aya saw Kame and noticed he needed help, but instead of getting him a doctor, he got a horse and threw Kame on it to go to the airport.

At the airport, Kame saw a very tall guy with gorgeous hair, like his own.

Without fear, Kame approached the beautiful stranger. "I like it!!" he said happily to the man, pointing to his head.

"Oh thank you! My name is Jin and I'm going to Australia," the man-- err, Jin, replied. "Wanna come with?"

Kame was fascinated by this man and his gorgeous hair. He wanted to learn all about him. So he agreed. Kame got a plane ticket off the black market and the two went inside the airplane.

In the plane, the stewardesses threw Australian beef pies at Kame because he was really pretty and they were jealous. Jin just laughed.

They got to Australia and bonded and took pictures with a koala and a wombat and a kangaroo and a walabi. But they didn't know the difference between a kangaroo and a walabi but they liked it anyway.

Finally Jin brought Kame to a McDonalds and they ate hamburgers with Australian beef in them. Kame was amazed that somebody like Jin could make him so happy, so he proposed, and the two got married in a wonderful Australian wedding and lived happily ever after!


¦DDDD;;;;;;;;;;; Did anyone get that Sonic Adventure 2 reference? No huh? Ahaha.....


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