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"BOREDOM" - Chapter 17

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Disclaimer: Sonikku the Hedgehog and co. do not belong to me! Sheesh! I am very poor! *a bunch of money falls out of her pockets* Crap! *tucks the money back in quickly* ^_^

*bows to reviewers* Thank you so much for being patient and understanding! *tears well up in her eyes* YOU GUYS ARE SO WONDERFUL! YOU'VE GIVEN ME 200 REVIEWS!! *hugs everyone*

*regains composure* Anyway! Thanks a lot for being patient, as I said earlier. Now that my other main story, "We're In Hyrule, stupid!" is ALMOST done; I can continue working on this. Once WIHs is COMPLETELY finished, all time will be dedicated to making this fic. So yey!

Btw, all inspiration for this fic has totally disappeared. ._.; So sorry if the chapter's aren't as funny or as long as before. *huge sweatdrop*

... *sighs* Okay fine, Lady Stone, you can be in here for JUST ONE line!

... Maybe I'm too nice... (maybe not. XD)


"WOO HOO!!! WOO HOOOOOOOOO!!! WOO HOOOOOOO!!!" everyone screamed as they danced on the tables of the restaurant.


Alastair appeared out of nowhere. "HEY!!! GET OFF THE TABLES!!!"

"Sorry sir!!" everyone leaped off the table and sat down in their seats.


In the bathroom.....

Rouge tried desperately to re-apply the mascara. "Amy, stop crying!!! The mascara's flooding all over your face!"



"Hey, where'd Rouge and Amy go?" Knuckles asked as he looked around.

Tikal pointed. "They went to the bathroom."

"Why do girls always go to the bathroom in two's? Isn't that weird?" Tails pointed out.

"Girls are weird...." Sonic muttered. The orange echidna whacked him over the head.

"Man, Sonic! You act like a kindergartener! Don't you even like girls yet?!"

"I DON'T LIKE GIIIRLS!!! WAAAAHHH!!!" shouted Sonic as he stood on the table and threw a tantrum.

"So that means he likes guys...?" Tails muttured silently. Knuckles snickered as he watched Sonic cry like a baby.

Shadow pulled the blue hedgehog down and shoved a sock into the his mouth. He set him in a cute position on his lap and started rocking back and forth, singing softly... and ugly. "Shush, little baby, dont'choo cry! Momma's gonna buy you a... uh... apple pie! And if that apple pie don't taste good, momma's gonna buy you a... diamond ring! And if that diamond ring don't shine, momma's gonna buy you an apple pie! And if that apple pie don't taste good, momma's gonna buy you a diamond ring!"

This went on for several minutes.


"There! You look presentable now."




"Um.... uh.... Shadow?"

"And if that diamond ring don't shine.... hm, what is it, Sonikku?"

"Can I get off your lap?"

"But you're my wittle baaaaby!!" Shadow huggled Sonic.


"Aww, the baby's so keyoot!!"


Lady Stone suddenly popped up out of nowhere and laughed. "HAHAHA!!!" then she disappeared.

(A/N: There's her appearance. Maybe I'm too nice... augh!! ._.;;)

Knuckles and Tikal was exploding in a fit of laughter, Eggman was laughing diabolically, and Tails was on his back on the floor, laughing like an idiot.

"SHAAAAADDAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!" screamed Sonic. The entire ship shut up.

Rouge and Amy came walking back to the table and a waiter went up to them. He gave them their menus.

"Yay! We can order now!" Eggman squealed like a little schoolgirl. Everyone scooted away from him.

"Tonight, we are having an Italian dinner!" said the waiter, who had an Italian accent.

"WOO HOO!!" everyone yelled.

"You can leave now," Rouge said, waving the waiter away. He nodded and walked away.

"Hey! Hey!!" said Eggman, "Can I order everything?"

Everyone looked up from their menu. "NO!!"


A few minutes later...

"'Kay! We're ready to order!" said Rouge, waving for a waiter to come by and take their order.

"Sheesh Rouge, what are you, the leader person thingy or whatever?" Knuckles asked.

"Of course! I am Rouge Est le Meilleur! I am the best!" Everyone fell over. Sonic pointed at Rouge.

"You think too much of yourself!!" he said.

"Of course!"

"AHERM!!!" Everyone faced the waiter who just ahemed. "Yes, yes, may I take your orders?"

"Oh yeah, sorry." Rouge sweatdropped. "I'll have the Lasagne, please!"

"I'll have the Egg Pasta!" said Eggman. Everyone sweatdropped.

"Seafood Lasagna, please!" Tikal said.

"I'll get the Fettuccini Alfredo..." said Shadow, "With breadsticks, a slice of cheese, and Brisk, bay-bee!!" Everyone scooted away from Shadow.

"Spaghetti and Meatballs!" said Tails.

"I'll have the Ravioli! (spl?)" Sonic said.

"I'll get the spaghetti too..." Amy said quietly.

"And I'll have da... uh... pizza!" said Knuckles.

Sonic raised an eyebrow. "You can order pizza?"

Knuckles shrugged. "Hey, pizza comes from Italy, so yeah, I guess so!"


"Okey! Thank yoo for ordering!" said the waiter, taking the menus and then walking away.

Rouge beamed. "So! What's up!"

"Nothing much," said Sonic, taking a sip of his water, "I'm rich, as always." Everyone stared at him. "What!?"

"... And you're calling ME conceited?"

"Well, you are!"

"You just bragged about being rich!"

"Uh... did not!!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Ayayai...." Knuckles slapped his forehead. Tails sipped on his chocolate milk absentmindedly while watching the
two fight.

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

Eggman rolled his eyes and started reading his new book. Shadow suddenly spoke up.

"Will you two shut up?!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"


"Did too!"

"Did not!"

Tails sighed loudly. "Man!! This is boring! And it's not even foony!!" he faces Shadow. "Shad! Say something stupid and random!"

"My boxers are green with little leprechauns dancing around a pot full o' gold!!!!"


Everyone scooted away from him.

"And the gold pot is on the BUTT part!!"

Everyone scooted even more away from him.


Pretty soon, their dinner arrived and they just ate in complete silence. COMPLETE silence. Shadow didn't even say 'wiener' once. It was.... awkward.

Everyone exited the restaurant, satisfied and full.

"Mmm, dat was good food, yessir'ee!!" Shadow said.

Sonic raised an eyebrow. "Riiiight."

(A/N: Hey! We're just gonna go back into script form for a while because I feel incredibly strange right now. I don't even wanna work on my fics, but well, here I am. *shrug*)

Knuckles: Where are we headed now?

Amy: We could go watch a movie.

Tails: This place has a movie theater?

Tikal: *pulls out the Princess Patter* Yep! *shoves it in Tails' arms*

Tails: *reads* Tonight, we'll be playing "Daredevil".

Eggman: You guys want to watch Daredevil?!

Knuckles: Uh.... not really...

Rouge/Tikal: TOTALLY!!

Amy: *quietly* Um... uh... sort of...

Shadow: Then off we go!!

::The Sonic Gang headed towards the Golden Princess's movie theater, which was really far from where they were at. 15 minutes later, they arrived at the theater.::

Sonic: Sheesh *pant* why is the *pant* theater so *pant* far away? *pant*

Knuckles: Why were *pant* we running in the *pant* first place?!

Eggman: *pant pant pant* I... *faints*

Everyone: o_O *pant*

Tikal: Right. *pant* Let's just go *pant* into the freakin' movie *pant* theater!

::They all went into the theater just as the movie started. Everyone sat in strange seats; Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Tikal were sitting in the center of a row in that order, while Shadow, Rouge, Tails and Eggman sat right behind them in that order also.::

(A/N: Btw, I've never seen Daredevil. So yeah.)

Movie: *playing*

Shadow: *whispers* Psst... hey...

Rouge: What?

Shadow: SHH!!!

Rouge: Eep! *whispers* What?!

Shadow: *whispers* Slip Sonic's arm around Amy's shoulders!

Rouge: O_o But you're nearest to him!

Shadow: Oh yeah! Then slip Amy's hand onto Sonic's!

Rouge: Okay!

::Shadow glances at Sonic's face and notices that he's extremely absorbed in the movie. Even though it was just the beginning. He gently takes the blue hedgehog's arm with both hands, and slowly places it around Amy's shoulders.::

::Rouge looks at Amy's face and sees that she's also preoccupied with the movie to notice anything. So, the bat takes one of the pink hedgehog's hands, and places it right over Sonic's hand on the armrest on the seats::

Tails: *looks and manages a slight giggle*

Rouge: *blinks and faces Shadow* Tails also knows?

Shadow: *nod nod* It's hard to keep anything from him.

Tails: *big cute eyes*

Rouge: o_O I see.

Shadow: *nod nod*

Eggman: Hey, keep it down over there.

Shadow/Rouge/Tails: SHH!!!

Eggman: *covers mouth*

::So, they all sit through the movie, enjoying it a bit. Sonic and Amy never noticed their 'positions' until the movie started to end.::

Knuckles: I think it's almost over...

::A few minutes later....::

Eggman: Oh hey, there it goes.

Rouge: Hm, that was so-so.

Tails: Yeah, not really good, but not bad either.

Shadow: *laughs a little*

Amy: What?

Sonic: What's so funny?

::Sonic realizes that his arm is around Amy, and Amy realizes that her hand is on top of Sonic's. They quickly withdraw from each other, turn away, and blush.::

Rouge: *giggling like crazy*

Tails: *whispers* Keyoot.

Shadow: I know! ^_^

::Everyone decided to get out of the theater since they were going to close soon. So, everyone heads outside to the railing of the ship and looks into the night sky.::

Everyone: GOSH IT'S COLD!!! *rub their arms with their hands*

Tikal: Anyway, about the movie! Ben Affleck looked HOTT!!

Boys: *inch away from her*

Rouge: Heh, too bad Tikal, Ben Affleck is taken by J.Lo.!

Sonic: I don't like J.Lo... she seems kinda... well...

Knuckles: Perky? Trying to be someone she's not?

Sonic: Hm, something like that.

Eggman: And she shows off her body way too much.

Shadow: That's just her.

Tails: Oh my gosh, you LIKE her, Shadow?!

Shadow: No! I like... uh.... pasta.

::Mario comes running in.::

Mario: NO!! I LIKE PASTA!! DON'T STEAL MY OBSESSION!!! *whacks Shadow over the head*

(A/N: All right, I feel like going back into paragraph form.)

"OWW!!" cried Shadow, clutching his head. "Don't you think I had enough blows to the head during the play?!?!"

"What play?" Mario asked.

"GET OUT OF HERE MARIO, BEFORE L-GURL GETS SUED!!" Eggman yelled. He nodded and then ran off to Mushroom Kingdom.

(A/N: I don't own Mario or anything related! ^_^;;)

"So, uhh... my boxers can speak Spanish!!" Shadow yelled. Everyone inched away from him.

"What's with you and your boxers?!" Eggman yelled suddenly. "You don't even usually wear them!!"

"Well, at least I don't need size XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX boxers when I shop for them!" Shadow retorted.

Eggman gasped. "I RESENT THAT!!"

"Yo quiero Taco Bell!! (Spelling? *sweatdrops*)" said a voice from under Shadow's pants. Everybody stopped what they were saying/doing and froze.

"What the heck was that?!" gasped Knuckles.



Everyone started walking in complete silence (yet again) indoors, where they can take their pictures. (If you've ever been on a cruise, I think you'd know why you'd take pictures. Cuz, ya know, to remember?)

"Okey, okeeey!!" said the photographer, pulling Sonic and Amy from the line of people waiting in line to take their pictures. "Aww!! Whatta nice couple!!" he then shoved them to the screen with the background picture, and FORCED them to smile sweetly.

Amy blushed slightly as the photographer told Sonic to put a arm around her waist. Slowly, the blue hedgehog slipped his arm around Amy.

Knuckles, Tails and Eggman, from the crowd, were fighting from bursting out laughing. Shadow grinned widely as he leaned against the rail, with Rouge peering over the heads of the people. Tikal was covering her mouth and snickering.

"Okaaaay!" the photographer said. "Okay, smiiilleee!! ... Smile! ... Sonic, Amy, smile!"



Amy and Sonic quickly put on a forced smile. With a click of the camera, the smiles on their faces vanished, but Amy was still blushing.

"Can I get out of this position?" Sonic asked.

"No. I'm gonna take another one." replied the photographer.


This time, the two hedgehogs actually put on a sincere smile. When they got back, Knuckles was leaning back, pointing at them and laughing histerically while covering his eyes. Tails was on the floor, clutching his stomach, and Eggman was standing eating a donut. Where'd he get the donut? I dunno. (He probably stole it. XD)

"You guys are so cute!" Tikal gushed, giggling. Rouge grinned, and then grabbed Knuckles' arm.

"C'mon, echidna, time to take our picture!" the two headed towards the screen. They smiled beautifully, and with a click, their photo was taken.

Then, the rest of the group, joined the screen and took a group picture.

After that, everybody headed back into their staterooms for a rest. But Shadow stayed behind for a while. He walked casually to the photographer and slipped a few bills of money into his hand.

"Good job with Sonic and Amy." the black hedgehog muttered, slowly pulling away and facing the man with a smile on his face.

The photographer counted his bills. "No problem. Need anything else, I'm right here."

"I'll have to pay again, huh?"

"Oh, of course!"

So, the black hedgehog headed to his stateroom.

The next day, everybody would be arriving at a new place.


Well. o_O;; Told ya it wasn't as funny...

Shadow4Ever, Shadow doesn't like Amy! He didn't forge Sonic's signature either. Didja notice that Rouge noticed that it wasn't Sonic's handwriting? Shadow is actually trying to get Sonic and Amy together!

What a trooper!! *stupid grin*

Sorry, I can't make any new couples. Besides, I'm not really fond of Shadow/Tikal... and Tails is sort of too young. (Tails: HEY!) And Eggman? ... Well...

Hey, Mekatana! Good idea! *makes Knuckles' pants fall down* (Knuckles: ACK!! WHAT THE HECK?!?!)

Aliceamyrose, thank you for the compliment on the matchmaking. ^_^

Sorry if I never got to comment on your review, but I feel very lazee now. So yah.

Uhh... that was a bad chapter... I'll make it up with the next one! Promise!




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Can I upstanding assert what a relief to see someone who absolutely knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely identify how to bring an promulgate to fluorescence and sign it important. More people constraint to be familiar with this and empathize with this side of the story. I cant have faith youre not more popularized because you definitely have the gift.
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