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"BOREDOM" - Chapter 20

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Disclaimer: Heehee... I wuv you. *smiles happily* No, I don't own Sonic the Hedgehog and related thing-a-lings. ^_^!

*bows* Gomen nasai, minnasan! I haven't updated since forever... oh well, at least school is over! ^_^V That reminds me...


Hmm... ya know what, I'll do Rouge/Amy/Tikal's room and Knuckles/Tails's room! Not Eggman's because... well, I don't wanna do his. XD You thought the last chapter was funny? Really? ... Really? .... Wow, I feel loved! Thanks so much for the reviews, everybody! You guys are great! And also, thanks for being so patient! *hugs you all* Now... ON WITH DA CHAPPY!!



"GAH!!" Tikal yelled as she reached for the clock and slapped it, making it fall to the wooden floor and shatter. "Why is the stupid alarm clock on?!!"

Rouge stirred in her sleep. "Whhhaaa?"

Amy came bursting out of the bathroom, face covered in some kind of green... thing... "What happened? I heard something break apart!"

Rouge and Tikal stared at her. Their eyes widened and they pointed a finger dramatically at Amy. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!"








They paused. "A mask, you say?"

"Yeah! And stop talking at the same time, it's creepy!"

Tikal grinned. "Okay!"

"So you mean you guys have never seen a facial mask before?" Amy asked, raising a covered eyebrow.

Rouge shook her head. "Nope. I don't need one. I just use soap and water."

"Darn it. How 'bout you, Tikal?"

"Same as Rouge."

"... Stupid pimples..."

Tikal grinned stupidly and laughed at Amy. "HAHA!!"




With Knuckles and Tails...


Knuckles knocked on Tails' bedroom door. "Hey Tails! You still asleep?! Wake up!!" No response. "TAILS!!" Knuckles pounded on the door and finally knocked it down. Peering inside, he saw the little fox petting something on his lap. "What's that?"


"What is thaaat?!?!!"

Tails hid the thing behind his back. "N-Nothing!!"

"... Show me."




"ARGH!!" Knuckles leapt on the bed to grab Tails' arms, but the fox jumped off the bed before Knuckles could get him. He threw the thing in the closet, and slammed the door close, positioning himself in front of it so Knuckles' couldn't open it.

Knuckles rolled his eyes and sat up. "Why the heck do you keep so many things from us?"

Tails looked around the room, eyes panicking. "What are you talking about?"

"See! You're doing it again!! Ah, well, whatever. Get dressed and stuff cuz we're meeting everybody at Pioneer Park."

"Pioneer Park? What's *that*?"

"A new park that just opened up. Now get ready!"


A few hours later and at Pioneer Park...


Sonic stood with his arms crossed, looking around the newly opened park. He tapped his foot and glanced at his watch.

"Where are they?"

Meanwhile, behind him, there was Shadow, sitting on a swing and kicking his feet around. He then started swinging and soon, he was flinging up and down the air. "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sonic raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing?!"

"What does it look like I'm doing?! Hey look, my foot can touch that tree's branch!" Shadow yelled, his foot reaching up to touch the branch every time he neared the tree.

The blue hedgehog rolled his eyes and continued looking around for his friends. "Where oh where..."



A red echidna followed by some other anthropomorphs and a large man came running towards Sonic. "Hiya! Sorry we're late!"

"Oh, dat is okey, mah buddy wuddy!" He then skipped over to Knuckles and gave him a huge hug.

"EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET AWAAAAYYY!!" Knuckles shoved Sonic off him, knocking the hedgehog onto the ground. Sonic burst out crying.


"HEY HEY EVERYBODY!!! LOOKIT MEEEEEEE!!!" squealed Shadow like a little girl. The Sonic Crew glanced over at him as he swung back and forth on the swing. "LOOK!!!" As he neared the tree's branch, he reached his foot out to touch the branch. Unfortunately, he thrust himself too hard (eww!! XD) and was sent flying ("AAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Shadow screamed as he flew off.) OFF the swings and in the tree.

Everybody ran over to the tree and looked up, seeing Shadow messily tangled up in the tree's branches. Rouge pointed a finger at Shadow, threw her head back, and laughed hysterically. Everyone stared at her.

"What?! You're supposed to do it with me!!"

"Ooooooh!!" The Sonic Crew 'oh-ed'. They too pointed a finger at Shadow, threw their heads back, and laughed hysterically.

Suddenly, Tikal stopped and her head tilted, eyes widening. "I FOUND OUT MY REAL NAME!!!"

Everybody turned their head in her direction. "What?"

"Isn't your name Tikal O Protetor Anterior?" Sonic asked. Behind him, Shadow was struggling to get out of the tree.


Tikal shook her head. "I thought that was my name but now I've figured it out!"


Everybody ignored Shadow. "Where did this sudden burst of remembering your name come from?" asked Knuckles.

"My pants."

"O_o;; But you don't wear pants."

"Are you sure?"


"Right, so what's your real name?" Amy said.

"It's Tikal Praevius Curator."

"o___O;; Okay..."

Shadow whined as he stood up weakly. "I'm never going on swings again."

Sonic pointed at Shadow and laughed hysterically. "HAHA!! BAKABAKABAKABAKA!!"

Shadow burst out crying like a little baby. "WWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! SONIC'S TEASING ME!! (sob sob)." He began shaking his finger up and down at the blue hedgehog.

Knuckles slapped his hand. "Stop that, you baby!!"

"Baby? He's over fifty years old," muttered Rouge.

Tails looked around. "Hey, has anyone noticed that Eggman isn't here?"


Somewhere else...


"I WANT MY DONUT!!!!" Eggman screeched to the uniformed lady at the counter.

"Sir! Please! You'll have to understand!"




"But sir, we have no donuts!!"


"Please understand!!! This is MCDONALD'S!!! WE DON'T HAVE DONUTS!!!"


"O_O;; GET OUT!!"


Pioneer Park...


"Oh well, who cares!" Amy said, smiling stupidly.

"So, whaddya wanna do now?" Tails asked everybody.

"Oh! I know! Let's go to the new swimming pool that opened up here!"

"What's 'here' anyway?" Knuckles asked.

"'Here' is Pioneer Park. Didn't you see the huge sign at the entrance?" Shadow said, pointing to huge white sign that said "This is Pioneer Park, you freaks!!"

"^_^ I wuv you," Rouge said, hugging the sign.

"Anyway, let's go to the swimming pool!" Knuckles yelled.

Shadow, Sonic and Amy cringed.


Swimming pool...


The Sonic Crew looked around.

"Dude! There's like, a lot of people!!" Knuckles said with his surfer-dude accent.

"Dude, stop that." Sonic said.

"Like, duuuuuuuuude!!" Knuckles said, grinning widely and crossing his arms.


"Let's change into our bathing suits!" Amy said.





Everybody came out of the changing rooms wearing the same bathing suits they wore at the beach in chapter three. They all walked to the pool and glanced in.

"There's not much people..." Tails said, counting the people. Only... five. And they all were middle schoolers.

"Right. Well, whatever. Let's go in!" Knuckles said, immediately climbing up the diving board and then leaping into the pool. Everybody else followed suit except three certain hedgehogs.

Rouge and Tikal surfaced and glanced at Amy who was standing a little ways from the pool. "Oh come on, Amy!" Tikal called, gesturing for her to come in the pool. "The water's cold! ^_^"

"I don't like swimming," Amy said timidly.

Rouge sighed and swam to the edge of the pool, patting. "Then at least sit by the pool. You look lonely just standing there."

The pink hedgehog hesitated, but then sat at the edge of the pool, letting her legs dangle in the water. "Oh fine."



Shadow pushed Sonic towards the pool. "You first."

Sonic was able to hold himself from being pushed too far. "No," He circled around Shadow and pushed him towards the pool. "You."

Shadow shoved Sonic sideways. "You!"

Sonic elbowed Shadow. "You!"



Knuckles and Tails stared at them from a distance. The two hedgehogs were getting closer to the pool each time they shoved each other. Soon, they were centimeters from the pool's edge. The kitsune faced Knuckles and pointed at the two.

"Should we?"

Knuckles grinned evilly and nodded. "Definitely. I'll get the moron."

"Which moron?"

Both snickered. "The MORON."


Shadow and Sonic continued their fight.



Knuckles grabbed Shadow's legs and pulled as hard as he could and Shadow ended up being dragged into the pool. Tails did the same with Sonic and both hedgehogs emerged from the water to take a breath.

"KNUCKLES/TAILS!!!" Shadow and Sonic yelled at the same time.



Sonic's glance traveled from them to himself and he realized that he was in water. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! WATER!! NO NO H2O!! NO NO H2OOO!!!" Cried the blue hedgehog, panicking and leaping out of the pool. He ran around in small circles. "NNOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Shadow stared at him. "HEY!! STOP TAKING MY JOB!!" He also leaped out of the pool, grabbed Sonic, chucked him into the pool and ran around in small circles, screaming random stuff. "POTATO MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!"

The blue hedgehog emerged from the water, sobbing. "I WANT MAH MOMMY!!!"



Rouge and Tikal stared at the boys, eyebrows raised. Grinning evilly, they both swam to Amy.

"Hi Amy," Rouge said, grinning.


Tikal beckoned towards the pool. "Wanna have a swim?"

"Ah, not really..."

"Well, you're getting one anyway!!" the two treasure hunters said, grabbing Amy's arms and pulling her into the pool. She shrieked as she was pulled down and emerged from the water, sputtering out an obscenity. (Lil' kids, don't copy Amy! XD;;)

Amy shrieked. "MY MASCARA!!"

"You're not wearing mascara."


Tikal bursts out crying. o__O;


Eventually, they stopped spending time in the pool. Two hours later...


Sonic skipped along the sidewalk with a grin on his face. "Tralalalalalalalalalalalalaaa!!" he sang. Suddenly, a silver haired 15 year old boy wearing purple/blue pants, a black and yellow sleeveless vest, and had aqua eyes burst out from a nearby bush, tackled Sonic to the floor and pinned him.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Sonic screamed.

"SSSHHHHHHHH!!" The boy hissed.







Sonic suddenly shut up. "Riku Sonic? Wow, my name is in your name!"

Riku slapped Sonic again.


"Anyway, I came here because I want that baby!!"

"Baby?! What baby?!"

"The baby that came to your apartment last night!!"

"Oh... we gave it back."

Riku raised an eyebrow. "Gave it back to who?"

Sonic looked around and pointed to a nearby fox with a box walking along. "That guy."

Riku's eyes widened and he hopped off Sonic and sprinted towards the fox. "HEY YOU!!!"

"What?" The red-brown fox looked behind him and saw an infuriated Riku. "AAHH!! IT'S YOU!!!"

"GIVE ME THAT BABY HEDGEHOG!!" Riku screeched, chasing the fox.




In a flash of black light, they both disappeared.

Sonic blinked. "Sora? The guy from Kingdom Hearts? Isn't Sora a guy? Isn't that baby a girl?!"

Many questions do not need to be answered, Sonic.

"ARE YOU THE ***** THAT TOLD THE ***** THAT I'M A *****?!?!?!"

No, *****.

"YOU *****!!!!!!!"


Later at Sonic and Shadow's apartment...








Rouge and Knuckles were currently singing with Shadow's karaoke machine.






Tails sat at the computer, giggling from time to time. Tikal walked over.

"Hi Tails! Whatcha doin'?"

"Reading a fic."



Tikal shuddered. "What kind of fic?"

"Kingdom Hearts. Romance."

Tikal breathed a sigh of relief. "Romance, ne? About who?"

Tails quickly looked to his left and right, and whispered something into Tikal's ear. Her eyes widened.

"Hmm," The kitsune said, examining the look on Tikal's face. "You don't like that couple, do you?"


"... o_O;;"

"DON'T LIKE IT?!?!! I LOVE IT!!!" Tikal pushed Tails off the computer seat and stuck her face against the computer screen.

"How can you read it like that?!"

Tikal faced Tails and growled. "I JUST CAN!!"

"O_O;; Yesh ma'am."

Shadow lay sprawled out on the couch, staring as "Bring Me To Life" finished. He started clapping hysterically. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! THAT WAS AWESOOOOOOOME!!!" Shadow screamed.

Amy burst into the apartment, sobbing. Everybody stared at her.

"What happened?" Tails asked.

"I (sniff) he (sniff) it (sniff)-"

"SPIT IT OUT!!" Shadow screamed, spit flying on Amy's face.

"OH GOD!! LIKE, EWW!!" Amy screeched. She grabbed a nearby towel and wiped her face with it. "Jeesh! Anyway! I was saying... SONIC GOT KIDNAPPED!!!"

Everybody's eyes widened. "WHAAAT?!?!"

"How do you know?!" Knuckles yelled.

"I saw the person who kidnapped him!! It was a guy with silver hair and muscular arms!"

"o_O;; Then why didn't you go after him?"

"I was too busy screaming."

"STUPID AMY!!" Tikal yelled, grabbing Amy's hammer and whacking her with it.


"YOU GUYS!! WE MUST FIND MY ROOMMATE!! NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!!!" Shadow shouted, raising a fist into the air. "LET US GO!!" He then rushed out of the house, fell over the railing and down three stories.

Everybody stared. "O___o;;"



"Dude." Knuckles poked Shadow. "Is he dead?"

Shadow lay on the pavement, not moving at all, face down. A few cracks from his fall were beneath him.

"I think so," Rouge mumbled. She bowed her head in a small prayer.

Amy smacked Rouge. "Hey!! Shadow isn't dead!!" She pointed at him.


"That was a long groan." Knuckles said flatly.

Tikal smacked him. "YOU PERVERT!!"

"What?! What are you talking about?!"

"You thought that perv stuff!!"

"No I didn't!!"

"You didn't?"

Everybody stared at Tikal and pointed a finger at her. "FEMALE PERVERT!!!"

5 slaps later...

Shadow burst out sobbing. "THAT HUUUUUURT!!!"

"YOUR MOM!" Tikal yelled.

"YOUR UNCLE!" retorted Shadow.









"Can we look for Sonic now?!" Amy screeched.

Everybody looked at her. "NO!!"

"YES! LET US GO!!" Shadow screamed.


2 hours later...


"What kind of idiot goes into a trash dumpster and falls asleep there?" Knuckles said flatly, dragging a stinky Sonic behind him with Shadow's help. Both had one hand on Sonic's ankle and was literally DRAGGING him through the streets, stomach up.

"For 3 stinking' hours?!" Rouge added.

"I couldn't help it! This guy named Riku tossed me in there after chasing the brown fox from last night! And also cuz of something else! The dumpster! It smelled gorgeous! The aroma! It was so sweet! And delicious!" Sonic said, giggling like a giddy schoolgirl.

Knuckles, deeply afraid, dropped Sonic's right leg. "Shadow, he's all yours."

Shadow also dropped him. "UhuhnowayamIcarryingastinkyhedgielikeSonicoverherecuzhereallySTINKS!" said Shadow like a valley girl.

Everybody backed away from him.

"My love! I must tell you something" Amy cried to Sonic. She kneeled next to him and gave him a bone-breaking hug. "I don't like you-like you anymore, Sonic!"


"Because I want to say goodbye!"

"TO... WHAT?"

"To my love for you!"


"You forgive me?"


"Whoops!" Amy quickly let go of the blue hedgehog. He gasped in a huge amount of air and fell back on his back.

"Whoa, whoa, hold on!!" Tails said. Everybody looked at him.

"What?" asked Amy.

"You don't like Sonic?"

"Nope. Not anymore."


Shadow and Rouge grabbed Sonic's legs and ran for their apartment.




Sonic emerged from the bathroom, a warm fog trailing behind him as he exited. He rubbed his spines with a towel and cut holes in them. "Oops." Flinging the towel aside, Sonic shook off the rest of the water and sat down at the couch were everybody was waiting for him. "Yeees?"

"Please explain." Rouge mumbled.

"Explain... what?"

"Oh yeah, it wasn't you." she turned to Amy. "Please explain."

Amy tilted her head. "Um, explain what?"

"Why you don't like Shadow anymore."

Shadow raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Oops, I meant Sonic."

Tikal smacked Rouge across the head. "GET IT STRAIGHT!"

"AH! YOU'RE TURNING VIOLENT!!" Rouge hid behind a table.

"She's losing her sanity too." Tails mumbled.

"JOY!" Shadow leapt on the table and did a dance.

"What's with you and leaping on tables?!" Tikal screeched. She jumped on the table herself and gave a roar.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M GONNA DIIIEEEEE!!" Shadow cried like a little girl. He burst out sobbing and collapsed on the table, holding his head in his hands and wailing like baby.

Rouge dragged him off the table and on the couch where he stopped wailing. "Now Amy, please explain!"

Amy took a paper from her pocket and stood up. She stepped up to a podium that just appeared out of nowhere and cleared her throat.

"Reasons Why I Don't Like Sonic Anymore:

1.) He's annoying.
2.) He's conceited.
3.) He's ugly.
4.) His room is messy."

"How does she know what my room looks like?!" Sonic whispered to Shadow.

"I CAN HEAR YOU, SONIC!!" Amy screeched into the microphone (which also appeared out of nowhere), causing everyone to cringe. She blinked and ahemed. "Sorry. Anyway, continuing:

5.) He thinks he's such a good hero.
6.) He doesn't like me back.
7.) He doesn't rescue me with love."

The list continued on for what seemed like forever, but was just actually a minute.

"And last, but not least:

He has Shadow for a friend."

Shadow's eyes widened and he beamed at Amy. "Aww!! That's sooo sweet! (giggle)"

"I know! Tee hee!" Amy stepped down from the podium and sat down on the couch.

Shadow blinked at her, grabbed Rouge and Tails, and said, "We shall be right back!"

The three headed into Shadow's bedroom and shut the door.

"I think they're keeping something from us." Knuckles said.

"DUH!" Tikal said, smacking Knuckles.

"GAH! You ARE getting violent!"



In Shadow's bedroom...


The black hedgehog fell to his knees, clutching his head tightly. Rouge and Tails stared down at him. "OH NOOOO!!"

"Yeah. It's too bad, huh?" sighed Rouge.

"Too bad?! TOO BAD?! It's really bad!!! I can't show my matchmaking skills anymoooore!!" Shadow sobbed.

Tails prodded him on the side with his shoe. "It's not a big deal."

Shadow bolted up, leapt on top of Tails and started choking the fox. "WHADDYA MEAN, IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL?! IT'S A HUGE DEAL!!! HUGE!!! VERY HUGE!!!!!!"

Rouge's eyes widened and she pushed the two away from each other. "Hey! Stop that!"


"Because that's MY job!!" she growled before pouncing on Shadow and shaking him violently.

Tails stared.



"HOOOOKICHIKIWAKALALAAAAA!!!" Amy screeched as she stood on her feet, hands raised, eyebrows in a v-shape, glaring down at Sonic while her hands were in the air in a 'scare' position.

Sonic stared up at her, face with no emotion whatsoever. "... What are you doing?" the blue hedgehog asked.

Amy blinked. "Gah! You didn't get scared?!"

"Of what?"

She fell back on the couch. Knuckles stood up. "My turn!!" With that, he bared his incredibly sharp teeth, clawed hands, and eyes widened in a threatening manner. Sonic twitched.

"Are you threatening me?"

Knuckles fell over.

"Watch the master," Tikal said as she walked up to Sonic and ahemed. She... did something so... bad... and... not right... that I can't describe it here.

Eyes widened, Sonic fell over in shock. Tikal fixed herself and sat down, beaming.



"THIS ISN'T FAIIIIIIRRRR!!!" Shadow sobbed.

"Oh, get over it!!" Rouge muttered.

Tails tapped both of them on the shoulder. "Can we go out now and forget ALL ABOUT THIS?!?!"




"WAAH, AAAHH, AAHH, AAAHHH!!!" Sonic cried as Amy shook him back and forth violently by his shoulders.

"Tell me, Sonic! Tell me!!!" she screamed.

"Tell you WHAT?!"



Shadow, Rouge, and Tails burst from Shad's room. "KONNICHIWAAA!!" they all shouted, pranced over to the couch, and sat down.

Knuckles looked at Shadow. "So, the chapter's over?"

"Yeah, pretty much."


Yes! Another stupid chappy accomplished! I'm 2/3 done with this fic!! *covers mouth* I shouldn't have said that...
I think each chappy should be at least 20KB... since this is only a humor fic.
I'm gonna start changing stuff at chappy 21... you'll find out next time. ^^



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