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"BOREDOM" - Chapter 21

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Disclaimer: Sonic dun belong to meh!!! *wails*

The reason why I took so long to update was cuz I went to Seattle, maan!
Okay fine, so I didn't change anything... much. ^-^ Hope you enjoy this chappy o' mine!

] --~*~-- [

"Shadow! Watch out!!"


The black hedgehog was barely able to dodge a flying meteor heading straight for his ship. A screen with Sonic in his Space Jet popped up on the side of the window.

"Shadow, are you okay?"

"Yeah! You?"

"I'm fine. We should go straight in for the Mothership! All enemy guards are down, thanks to Knuckles and Rouge!"

Another screen with Knuckles in his Space Jet popped up. "Yeeeah! All thanks to me!"

Rouge popped up in her SJ. "Oh, stop being so full of yourself! I helped too. -_-;;"

"Yeah, yeah, thanks you guys," Sonic said, rolling his eyes. "Where's Princess Amy? Is she still in the palace?"

The screen with Tikal popped up. "I'll check!" She pushed down a few buttons on her control pad and on everyone's screen was Princess Amy's room.

"Hey, where is she?" Rouge said, scanning the room.

Suddenly, Emperor Tails burst into her room and looked around frantically. He saw the communication center and rushed to it. "You guys! Princess Amy is missing!!"
"What?! Do you have any clue to where she is?!" Tikal asked.

"I have no idea!"

Shadow suddenly saw a pink Space Flyer zip by them. He gasped, attracting everyone's attention. "What's that Space Flyer doing out here?!"

Just then, another screen with a female hedgehog in a pink space suit appeared on everybody's windows. "Hi guys! It's P. Amy here to help!"

Everyone stared.


"No, no, Uncle! I want to help the Atomic Squad!"

"We should really think up a new name," Rouge mumbled. Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, and Tikal nodded vigorously.

Sonic noticed Amy's SF flying around aimlessly. "Princess Amy, would you stop moving around so much?! That pink shade on your Space Flyer will attract enemy troops!" He scolded.

"Oh c'mon, Commander Sonikku, it's not like Dr. Robotnik would just suddenly come out here and kidnap me in front of your eyes!"

"What a good idea!" said an anonymous voice. A huge ship loomed right behind Princess Amy's ship. A huge, white, gloved hand emerged from an opening, took the Space Flyer, and dragged it in. Everyone sweatdropped. A new screen popped up; this time, it was Dr. Robotnik himself holding an Obliterator480 to the princess's head. "Haha! I now have the Princess! Give up and surrender, or else!" He put his finger to the trigger.

"No!" Tikal yelled. She faced her comrades. "We must give up the Infinity Jewel or else... our Princess is dead and the Universe will reverse in time!"

"... What?" Shadow asked.

"-_- Just give the fat man the Infinity Jewel."

"Oooh." The black hedgehog punched a button beside his seat and out popped a rainbow colored jewel.

"No! We shouldn't give up!!" screamed Sonic. He began racing dramatically towards the Death Ship where Dr. Robotnik was holding Princess Amy captive.

"Sonic!" The princess shouted dramatically.

"Sonic!! Stop!" screamed Rouge, Shadow, Tails and Tikal dramatically.

"No, Sonic! Don't be a hero!" Knuckles yelled dramatically.

The insane doctor grinned widely, no sanity visible in his eyes. "Haha! Too late! The princess is dead!" With that, he pulled the trigger on his Obliterator480 and blasted Princess Amy's head off.



"NNNOOOOOO!!!!" Knuckles screamed as he pulled off his helmet and threw it on the ground. He faced Sonic who was sitting next to him. "WHY DID YOU TRY TO BE A HERO?!?!"

"Um... uh... cuz I am...?"

"STUPID!!" Amy yelled as she smacked Sonic across the head ("OWW!!). "You made Eggman blow my head off!! What kind of //hero// is that?!"

"Haha! I get the Infinity Jewel!" Eggman yelled, jumping up from his seat and doing a dance.

Rouge rolled her eyes. "We should never play 'Atomic Squad-Death's Song: Multiplayer' with Sonic. Again."

"Right." Tails agreed.

"Oh, well, sooorrrrry for trying to be a good guy!" Sonic said.

"Thou are not forgiven!!" Shadow yelled, poking his forehead.


"NEVAR!!!!" Shadow began poking Sonic over and over on his forehead.


Rouge raised an eyebrow and got up. "Where should we go next?"

The Sonic Crew was spending their day at Soul Arcade, WHERE THE GAMES TAKE YOUR SOUL!!!!


*ahem* Anyway, they were spending their day at Soul Arcade. The current time was 2:20pm and they haven't had lunch yet.

Eggman's stomach rumbled. "I'm hungry."

"YOU'RE ALWAYS HUNGRY!!!" Everybody yelled at Eggman.

"... Not always..."

Knuckles's tummy rumbled. "Uh... I'm hungwy too..."

"THEN LET'S EAT!" Rouge said, grabbing Knuckles and dragging him off to a nearby restaurant.

At the restaurant....

"What do you mean, there's no seats left?!" Tails yelled at the person at the front desk.

The PATHD looked down at Tails, who was 3 feet shorter than him. "There's no seats left."

"I demand to talk to the manager!"

"Yah, whatever dude." He walked away and a large man in a business suit came out of the door behind the front desk.



"Sorry sir, but there aren't any seats."

Tails's eyes began to glow a bloody red and the others backed away.


"Ah, this is better." Tails said as he took a seat and began chewing on his burger. Then he spit it out. "Ick! This is icky!!"

"Really?" Rouge asked. She took a bit of her burger and her eyes bulged.

Knuckles pointed at Rouge. "AAAAHHH!! YOUR EYE is BULGING!!!!"

o.O; "Well, that's because this burger tastes like CRAPOLA!!"

Everyone raised an eyebrow and also started eating their food. But they didn't make it past one bite cuz it royally tasted bad. So, they threw it away.

Sonic eyed Tails as they all sat in the booth. "You didn't have to maul the restaurant owner so that we could get free burgers... (which were disgusting, actually)."

"DO NOT QUESTION MY SADASTIC WAYS!!" Tails screeched. Everyone scooted away from him. "Wanna go to the movies?" Everyone sweatdropped.

"Your mood changes too quickly," Tikal said, sweatdropping.


"(scoots away)"

"The movies?" Amy asked. "Yay! Can I bring birdie?!"

"... Birdie?!" Rouge asked.

Sonic poked her in the ribs. "Oh, you mean that birdie in SA1?"

"DON'T TOUCH ME!!" yelled Amy. Sonic fell off his seat.

"Oh, sorryyyy..." he rolled his eyes.

"Yah yah, sure, you can bring birdie."

Knuckles suddenly stood up, knocking over his coke. "HEY!! NO!! LET'S GO TO MY APARTMENT!!"

"Erm... you mean OUR apartment." Tails said.

"Yah yah, sure."

So, everybody followed Knuckles to his beloved Chevy Suburban and hopped in. In a few minutes, they appeared in front of their apartment and Knuckles opened the door to his room.

"Welcome to my humble abode!"

"BITER!!" Shadow screamed, whacking Knuckles over the head.



"... Cha?"


Rouge grabbed Shadow by his shoulders and shook him violently. "CHA YOURSELF, YOU CRAPPER!!"

"Chaa!!! (sob)"

"Are you going in, or what?!" Knuckles screamed. He was already in the apartment and was staring at everybody in the doorway.

"Oh, of course!" giggled Sonic, skipping into the room. Everybody followed.

"So... what do you wanna do?" Tails asked.

"T.V.!!" Sonic and Shadow screamed.

"OKAY!!" Tails grabbed the remote and slammed it on the floor, earning this look from the others: o__O;; The T.V. turned on.

A large man was kneeling in front of a skinny woman. "Linny! Will you marry me?!"

"OF COURSE NOT!!" the woman shrieked, smacked the man with her purse, and ran off sobbing.

Everyone stared at the T.V. "What the heck was that?!" Rouge yelled.

"IT'S THE MOOOON!!" Shadow screamed.

Amy sweatdropped. "What kind of proposal was //that//?"

Sonic glanced at her. "Proposal? You wanna see a proposal?"

"Err, no."

The blue hedgehog ignored her and kneeled in front of Shadow. He stared at him disbelievingly as Sonic suddenly pulled out a velvet box. "What are you doing?!"

"Shadow, my love... will you marry me?" Sonic said softly as he opened the box, revealing a large diamond ring.

Rouge, Knuckles, Tails and Tikal all fell over laughing hysterically while Amy just stared, Eggman scratching his head. "Oh, isn't that nice!" said Eggman.

Shadow blinked many, many times. "WHAT?! ME?! MARRY YOU?! YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!"

[ - ]

"Yes, I'm being serious, Shadow." Sonic said as he held Shadow's hand in his own. "Please... I love you."

Eggman smacked all of the people laughing. "STOP THAT! YOU'RE RUINING THE MOMENT!!"

The black hedgehog's glances kept switching back and forth from the ring, his hand in Sonic's, and Sonic himself. He drew in a deep breathe and tears began crawling down his face. Shadow glomped Sonic right then and there. "OF COURSE I'LL MARRY YOU!! I LOVE YOU TOO!!"

5 months later...

Shadow walked down the aisle in a gorgeous white dress covered in laces and pearls. Tikal, Amy, and Rouge had especially made it just for him and his wedding with Sonic. A white veil was over his spiky head, and soon, he reached the area where his beloved blue hedgehog was standing at, wearing his white tuxedo made especially for him by Eggman and the other guys.

Tikal and Amy were standing at one side on the pews, those two girls were bridesmaids. Tikal was sobbing loudly in happiness while Amy just sort of... stood there. Rouge was the Maid of Honor and was standing happily beside Shadow, the "bride".

Knuckles and Eggman were both groomsmen and they were standing in the opposite pews. Knuckles had his goofy grin on his face and Eggman looked like a proud father watching his... er... son get married. Tails was the Best Man, and he was standing a little ways next to Sonic.

Sonic lifted the veil over Shadow's head and both stared lovingly into each other's eyes.

"We are here today--" The priest began, but Shadow cut him off.

"GET TO THE "I DO"'S ALREADY!!" he yelled.

"Um, er, do you, Sonic Hedgehog, take Shadow Robotnik to be your lawfully wedded... erm, wife?"

"I do." came Sonic's reply.

"And do you, Shadow Robotnik, take Sonic Hedgehog to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"Sonic, you may kiss the... uh... bride....?"

With that, the two embraced and kissed passionately.

9 months later...

"C'mon, Mr. Hedgehog, puuuuush!!!"


Sonic almost fainted at the sight of a small baby hedgehog that was lying in the doctor's arms. "Can I... can I hold it?"

"It's a her, Sonic." Shadow said, panting heavily.

"... Oh." The doctor handed over Sonic's baby and he held it lovingly, gazing into it's green eyes. "Oh my gosh! Her eyes are like mine, except a little bit brighter!"

Shadow nodded. "And she has my black fur... and... blue highlights...? Are those blue highlights?"

The doctor eyed the baby. "Yep."

Sonic and Shadow looked at each other happily.

[ - ]

Amy closed her eyes and banged her head on the table. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"

Everybody stared at her. "What's up with you?!"

The pink hedgehog looked at Sonic, who was kneeling in front of Shadow with a velvet box. Inside of the box was a large diamond ring. "AAAAAAHHH!!!"

Shadow raised an eyebrow and his gaze shifted to Sonic. "Hey, you're not being serious, are you?!"

Sonic rolled his eyes and flipped the box close, standing up. "Of course I'm not serious, you moron!! I ain't gay!"

"HAHA!! SONIC SAID GAY!! HAHAHAHA!!! AHAHAHA!!" Knuckles screamed. Everybody eyed him. "What?"

"... Nothing..."

"Why did you scream, Amy?" Tikal asked the female hedgehog.

Amy looked back at her drowsily. "I just imagined something very, very, very, horrible."

"Oh, really? Do you mind?"

"I imagined Shadow saying yes to Sonic's proposal, then their wedding, then Shadow was having Sonic's child."

The two male hedgehogs stared at her. "...O____________________o;;;;;"

"That isn't possible!" Tails shouted.

"I know..." Amy said, shuddering.

Tikal pouted. "I'M BOOOORED!!"

Tails looked at her. "Wanna have some happy time together?"

She blinked. "Err, no."

Eggman suddenly got up on the table, which remarkably, didn't break. "WHY AREN'T I TALKING MUCH IN THIS, L-GURL?!?!" He screamed. Sorry, Ivo! I keep forgetting about you! Even though you're an okay villain! "OKAY?! OKAY?!!! THAT'S ALL I AM?!?! IF I'M "OKAY", THEN WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE VILLIAN?!?!"

No one.

"NO ONE?!"

No one. *shrugs* Now please, stop talking to me and get with the story!! *aherm, aherm*

Eggman pouted and got off the table, taking a seat on the large easy couch. "Fine. Hmph."

"Oooh, SOMEone's acting little a whiny brat!" giggled Shadow.

Eggman pointed at him and yelled, "YOU ARE MY... er... CHILD!!! DO NOT QUESTION SLASH MAKE FUN OF ME!!!SHIFT!!111!!!!"


"sTUPid SHiFT BUTtoN!!!!111!!!"


There was a pause.

"Um, Eggman?" Shadow asked.

He lowered his finger. "Yah?"

"If you're my dad, then who's my mom?"

There was a pause. And another pause. And another pause. And another pause. And another pause. And another pause. And another pause. And another pause. And another pause. And a ano--

"Didja see the skinny lady on the T.V.?" Shadow nodded. "She's your mom."

There was an awkward pause.

"But she was UGLY!!!"

"Why, thank you!!"

Knuckles suddenly spoke up. "Um, uh, anyone want pizza?"

"SURE!!" Everyone replied. Eggman didn't say anything.

"I'm allergic to it, remember??!!"

"Oh." Knuckles faced the others. "Pizza Hut?"


So it was decided. Everybody walked to Pizza Hut and entered through the door where the bell above the entrance rang cheerily. Shadow gasped and looked around. "What was that?!"

"What was what?" asked Sonic.

"That... that ring!! Where did it come from?!"

Everybody stared at him.

"I don't know him." Rouge said flatly to the cashier.

"Dudette, riiight. Uhh, okaaaay, sooo, whaddya wanna ordeerrr?"

"LET ME ORDER FOR ONCE!!" Tikal yelled as she pushed Rouge aside. "Hello, dude! Like--"

"Hey, like dude, what do you like, wanna order, dude? Hehe... duuude."

The orange echidna's eyes turned a deadly red. "DO NOT INTERUPPT ME WHEN I AM TALKING, DUUUDE!!!"

The Pizza Dude shuddered. Let us call him PD. "Like, dudette, I'm so, like, sorry. Like."

"Aww, that's okay. Anyway! Two large pepperoni pizzas, 3 boxes of bread sticks bread sticks and two gallons of Pepsi pleeeeeease!"

The PD was finally able to get a good look at Tikal. "Woooah, it's like, an animal person, like yeah, animal." The PD called over to another guy standing nearby, who was shoving chopsticks up his nose. "Hey! Dude! Come like, here! There's like a animal dude person here."

"Duuude! Animal like person!" The 2nd PD dude said as he looked at Tikal, the chopsticks still sitting comfortably in his nose.

"-__-;; Ugh. That's just icky." Tikal muttered.

Amy raised an eyebrow. "I bet their IQ is about, what, 35?"

"Tsk tsk tsk," Tails "tsk"ed, shaking his head.

"Well, MAH IQ is BETTER than THEIRS!! MINE is 300!!!" said Eggman. Obviously, he was full of himself right now.

Sonic, who was currently trying to get Shadow to stop trying to grab the bell at the top of the door, overheard Eggman. He mumbled something incoherent. Knuckles overheard him. "Yeah! 300 his a**!"

The blue hedgehog spun to face Knuckles. "What?! You like my a**?!"

"What?! No!!" Knuckles yelled.

"So you mean you //DON'T// like my a**?! Are you insulting my a**?!!?"

"Of course not! Your a** is nice!!" Knuckles defended. He then realized what he said.


"GAH!! HOLY CARP!!" screamed the red echidna as Sonic pounced on him and landed a punch on his jaw. "AUGH!! THAT FARGIN' HURT!! YOU'RE GONNA GET IT NOW!!"


Rouge sighed. "They're fighting...?"

"Again?" Amy finished.

"I can do it!!" Shadow screamed (in the guy from the waterboy's voice) as he kept leaping towards the bell on top of the door. *breathes* But no matter what he did, he couldn't reach the friggin' thing! "C'mon, Shadow! Jump! Jump harder! Harder!!"

Tikal giggled. "That didn't sound right, Shad!"

Knuckles and Sonic stopped fighting from their ball of dust and looked up at Tikal, pointing an accusing finger. "FEMALE PERV!!"

"WHY YOU LITTLE...!!" she screamed. Tikal pounced into the grey cloud that Sonic and Knuckles were fighting in and joined their brawl.

Shadow landed on the floor of the pizza place, squealing as he saw what was in his hand. "The bell! The beloved bell! Oh, I will treasure this forever! Heehee!!"

Amy, Tails, and Rouge stared. "Are we the only sane people here?!"

"NO!! I AM SANE TOO!!" Eggman yelled. "Hey! I have an idea! Let's do the chicken dance!"

Tails, Rouge, and Amy stared at him, then at each other, then shrugged. The PD pulled out a stereo from under the counter and switched it on, making the Chicken Dance music start to play. Everybody in the world stopped what they were doing and started doing the Chicken Dance in perfect harmony.

10 seconds later...

Everybody abruptedly stopped their dancing and continued what they were doing.

20 minutes later...

"Duuuuuuuuuuuuudes!! Your pizza's, like, reeeaaddyyyyy!!!" The 2nd PD said loudly, slamming two pizza boxes, three breadstick boxes, and two pepsi gallons onto the table.

Everyone gasped and headed to the counter. "YAAAAAY!!"

"It'll be, like, $5280 dollars and 2 cents, pleeease!!!"


Tails eyes widened. "You can't be serious!"

"I am, yah."

His eyes started turning red. Everybody backed away. "You're making me angry! You won't like me when I'm angry!!"




O.o;; Later...

"You guys are so meeeaan!!" whined Shadow as they all walked down the street. He was holding up everything that they ordered at Pizza Hut. "If I drop this, then I'm not going back to buy some more!"

"If you drop it, I shall sick him on you." Tikal said happily as she shoved a rabid Tails in front of Shadow.

"EEEEEKKK!! GET IT AWAY!! AWAAAAAY!!" Shadow shrieked like a little girl.

Sonic prodded Rouge in the side with his elbow. "Is it just me, or is Shadow becoming... a little girly?" He whispered.

"What are you talking about? He's always like this." Rouge mumbled as he stared at Shadow doing an Irish River dance thing while holding up the boxes and Pepsi's.

Soon enough, everyone got to Knuckles/Tails' apartment and began chowing down on the pizza.

"Heey! Whaddya guys wanna watch on T.V.?" Tails (who had finally stopped being rabid [for now]) asked as he sat down on the couch, holding up the remote.

"I heard that they're playing Toonami on three different stations right now. Cartoon Network is playing it both in the morning //and// the night, with Rurouni Kenshin playing first in one channel, DBZ first on the other channel, and Yu-Yu-Hakusho on the other channel." Amy said casually as she took a piece of the pizza.

"Too... na... mi...?" Sonic and Shadow asked slowly. Knuckles, who had always loved Rurouni Kenshin and who always watched it every morning (since he didn't have to fight with Tails for the remote), snatched the remote from his roommate. "RK tiiime!!"

Sonic's eyes widened and he pounced on Knuckles. "Gimme that!! I'm watchin' Dragonball Z!!"

Shadow sneakily tiptoed behind Sonic and took the remote from him. "Haah! Both of ya are wrong! We're watching Yu-Yu-Hakusho!"




"MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH!!!" Tikal suddenly yelled. Everybody stared at her. "What?"

"I don't think they play MKR here in the states," Rouge said.

"... Darn."

"NO NO!!" Eggman yelled, sitting on Knuckles, Sonic, and Shadow. He got the remote. "G Gundam is playing now!"

"GET... OFF..." Shadow and Sonic managed.

Knuckles was able to squeeze his way out beneath Eggman. "GOD!!" He cried as he got up, rubbing his sore back. "How much do you weigh?!"

Eggman's eyes didn't leave the T.V. screen.


"Domon... I love you." Rain said dramatically.

Domon smiled and held Rain close. "Rain... I love you too!!"


Everybody stared at the T.V. "Hey! That didn't happen in the anime!" Tails said, pointing.

"Hmm.... weird..." muttered Eggman.

"Rouge, don't //you// like any animes?" Knuckles asked her.

The bat nodded. "Of course! I happen to like Inuyasha. Sesshoumaru's so keyoot. XD"

"How 'bout you, Amy?"

"I like Card Captor Sakura!" she giggled. Everybody stared. "What? She wears cute pink outfits!!"

"And we care becaaause?" Sonic muttered.

"Knuckles asked me, moron!!"

"AMY CALLED ME A MORON!!" cried Sonic before he burst out crying.


Well, at least you're with Sooniiic! ^_~

Shadow stared at the author. "What's that supposed to mean?!!"

Sonic stared also. "Yeah!!"

Oooh, sooomething! *HeeHee!*

Sonic got out a shotgun and shot the author.

"Okay fine, fine, I'll get offa ya." Eggman said as he lifted himself and sat upon the easy couch, eating some breadsticks instead of pizza. He was allergic, remember? "Haha!"

"Hey, you better eat your pizza before it gets cold," Rouge said.

There was only one slice left. And Shadow and Sonic had already eaten one. But they want more.

"PIZZAAAA!!" Sonic and Shadow screamed as they both dove for the piece. Both of their hands lightly touched each other's. The two stopped and blinked at it, then each other. Sonic and Shadow began blushing lightly.

Amy's eyes widened. Images of what she imagined earlier filled her mind. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!"

"Eww!" Shadow shuddered as he withdrew his hand, regaining his composure. "D-Don't do that, Sonic!"

"W-Wha?! Me? I-I didn't do it!!"

Tails smirked. "Heh, why are you two stuttering?"

Both glared at him. "SHUT UP!!!"

] --~*~-- [

Oh ho ho, a little shounen-ai action!!! BWAHAHAHAHA- *gets whacked repeatedly with a baseball bat*
Sorry it took long for the chappy to be out... *scratches head nervously, then gets smacked with a tomato*
R+R! ^^;;



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