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"BOREDOM" - Chapter 22

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Disclaimer: Dear Sonikku and his dear friends do not belong to me, nor do I own Shakira (why would I want to?!), the song, "Objection", The Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, and anything else I have mentioned that YOU know that doesn't belong to me!!! *breathes*

*raises an eyebrow at "amanda"'s (a reviewer) threats*


] --~*~-- [

"So what do you guys wanna do?! Huh?! Huhuhuhuhuhhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu--"

"SHUT UP, TAILS!!" Sonic yelled.

Tails began sobbing. "SONIC TOLD ME TO SHUT UP!!"

I don't care. Anyway, The Sonic Crew was still in Knuckles and Tails's apartment, and that whole hand-touching-thing between Sonic and Shadow just ended a few minutes ago--

"AAAAAHHHH!! DON'T REMIND MEEE!" cried Shadow, bursting out into tears.

"Aww, you made the black hedgehog coowhy!" Amy said to the authoress. She walked towards Shadow and stuck a tissue in his mouth. "Stop coowhying, wittle won! I wuv yoo!"

"... EWW!!"

Amy slapped him. "I JUST SAID "I LOVE YOU", AND YOU SAY EWW?!!"




"I agree."

"That's great."

Rouge poked Shadow in the ribs.


Horrified, everybody stared at Shadow. "What??!!"

"Nothing, my luvs!"

"Shadow, aren't you a boy?" Tikal asked.

Eggman stroked his chin with his finger. "I actually haven't identified his gender yet... but I could do it tonight."

Everybody stared at him. "What the heck do you mean by that?"


Tikal faced Shadow. "I repeat. Aren't you a boy?"

Shadow bat an eyelid and tilted his head, sticking out his tongue with a blank expression on his face, like Gir. "Oh yeeeaaahhhhh...."

"Forget that happened," Sonic muttered, to himself and the others.

"Hey hey! Can we use your Karaoke machine? We haven't sang in a while!" Amy asked Knuckles and Tails.

"Hmm... okay!" Tails said.

Everybody danced. "Yay!"

Shadow snapped out of his moron-state and stood up. "Hey people! I made up a song! Can I sing it??!!"

Everyone glared at him. "NO, YOU IMPERTINENT IDIOT!!"

"Huh? How come?"

Rolling his eyes, Sonic grabbed the songbook. "Because you sing like a dead man."

Shadow tilted his head, stroking his chin thoughtfully. "I actually am a dead man, if you think about it."

Tikal's arm shot into the air and she began waving it enthusiastically. "Ooh! Ooh! I'm dead too!"

"ME TOO!" Riku yelled, popping into the apartment.

Everyone stared. "What are you talking about, you're not dead!" Rouge's voice changed to that of fatal one. "Your heart just got swallowed by... the DARKNESS!!" Everyone sweatdropped.

"Oh yeah! That's right!" Riku then disappeared.

"All righty, who's going to sing first?" asked Knuckles, who had hooked up the Karaoke machine while everybody was rambling whatever their insane minds could come up with.

"MEEE!! MEEE!! PICK MEEEE!!!" Shadow said passionately, his hand snapping into the air.

Knuckles looked around. "Anyone?"


Sighing, Knuckles picked the mic up from the floor. "Anyone EXCEPT Shadow?"

There was a round of heads shaking. Knuckles sighed and handed the mic to Shadow. "Fine."

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!" Everyone whipped out their earplugs.

"I will sing," Shadow said, flipping through the songbook. "Oooh! Here! I will sing "Objection" by Shakira!!"

Everyone gawked at him in pure horror. "WHA??!!! YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY MEAN THAT--"

Before they could finish the sentence, Shadow had already punched in the numbers and cranked the volume to it's highest. He then began singing with his horrible, HORRIBLE, voice.



"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Everyone yelled in panic, running around the apartment insanely. Even their neighbors beside them were shrieking in alarm, sprinting around while randomly hitting walls.

Knuckles, the bravest one from the bunch, was able to crawl to the power outlet. He fiercely yanked out the plug, shutting the Karaoke machine down.

"OBJECTION-- Huh? Why'd the music stop?" Shadow said.

"Because WE ALL HATE THAT SONG!!!" Everyone yelled at him. Oh yeah, and no offense to Shakira. Although I can never figure out what the heck she's saying when she sings her songs.

"Dude, I think I've gone deaf," Knuckles mumbled, poking a finger in his ear and shaking it, hoping to hear some sort of sound.

"Hey Knux, you okay?" Rouge asked.

The red echidna stared at his girlfriend. She was moving her lips but no noise was coming out. "What?"

"I said, you okay?" repeated Rouge a bit louder.

He blinked. "Um, louder! I can't hear you!" Knuckles yelled, cupping his hand around his ears.

The bat came sitting beside Knuckles and yelled right into his ear. "KNUX-CHAN!!! ARE YOU OKAY???!!!!!" She screamed as loud as she possibly could.

"WHAAAT?! ARK FRO NO DAY?!!" He asked.

Rouge gasped. "AAHHH!! MY BOYFRIEND'S DEAF!!" She began panicking and hugging Knuckles while sobbing uncontrollably.

"I'll cure it!" Eggman said. "I //am// a doctor, after all."

"A crazy doctor." Sonic corrected.

"Crazy or no, I am still a doctor." He turned to Shadow, who was fiddling with the microphone. "Remember when I cured Knuckles that time when you KO'ed him at the Tennis Court?"

Shadow pouted. "It was an accident!! Besides, he wasn't paying attention!"

"Whatever you say." Eggman kneeled beside Knuckles and opened the suitcase from before. He took out a licorice (you know, those Redvine (C) candies... how do you spell licorice [or whatever] again?!) and poked Knuckles's ear.

The girls stared. "........ Ewwww ........."

Knuckles felt the candy on his earlobe. "What the h***?!! Get that away from me!" He shrieked, slapping it out of Eggman's hands.

"It's just a licorice stick." Eggman replied flatly.

"Yeah, but I don't want candy in my ear!" retorted Knuckles.

"Oh, well excuse me for trying to cure you, Knucklehead!" Eggman yelled.

There was an uncomfortable silence. Then, Rouge squealed with happiness and hugged Knuckles again. "Oh yay! He can hear again!!"

Knuckles stared at her blankly. "What?"

"...... NOOOO!!!!"

Laughing, the red echidna scooped Rouge up into a hug. "Just kidding!"

"DON'T DO THAT!!" Rouge screamed as she pulled away, slapped Knuckles, and then embraced him again. Everybody sweatdropped.

Tikal looked at the clock hanging on the wall. "Um, people? It's 2am already. Shouldn't we be heading home?"

"Crap, it's 2am?!" Tails yelled.


"Well, get out of my apartment, you meddling kids!" said Tails, pushing everyone but himself out of the apartment room. "GOODNIGHT, AND REMEMBER TO HAVE HAPPY TIME EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE!!" Tails said happily, clapping his hands and then slamming the door close.

Everybody looked at each other, wondering what the heck Tails meant by that. Then they shrugged and headed off in different directions to get to their own apartment.

"Sonic, where's the keys?" Shadow asked, feeling his sides for the room keys. "I don't have it."

Sonic also felt his side and found his keys. "Oh, here they are. There you go." The blue hedgehog said, handing the older the keys.

Shadow took it from him and pushed the key into the lock, turning it. With a click, the apartment door opened and three figures entered the room. "Shadow, have you seen my slippers?" asked Sonic as he looked around the room.

"It's over there, by the coffee table."

"Oh. Thanks. ... Wait, Shadow, your voice has changed..."

Shadow glanced at Sonic from the kitchen that was connected to the living room. "What? I didn't say anything to you."

"Yeah you did, you told me where my slippers were."

"Uh... no I didn't." Shadow said, removing his bracelets.

"You did! You sounded like Knuckles. Then who else would be talking... to... me..."


Both looked over at the door where Knuckles was standing there, sheepishly scratching his dreadlocks. Shadow fell over. "What the heck are you doing in here?!!"

"Um... I'm lost?"

Sonic sweatdropped. "You're with Tails, remember?!!"

"... OH yeah! I'll see you tomorrow!" With that, Knuckles turned, opened the door, exited, and banged the door shut.

Sonic and Shadow gave each other a look, shook their heads, and continued getting ready for bed.

The Next Morning...

Sonic sat upon the roof, emerald eyes searching the cerulean skies. He closed his green eyes and sighed wearily.

'Do I... Do I really have feelings for--'

"HEY SONIC!!!! WHAT'S YOUR UNDERWEAR DOING ON MY BED??!!!" came Shadow's voice, snapping Sonic right out of his thoughts; not to mention making Sonic's eyes fly open and making him lose his balance.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Sonic screamed as he rolled down the roof and landed on the third floor, the railing stopping him from falling down three stories. ".... O_o;; Phew..."

"HEY SONIC!!!" Shadow yelled again. "ARE YOU STILL ON THE ROOF?!"

The blue hedgehog glared at his apartment door and knocked on it roughly with his fist. "I'M OUTSIDE THE FRIGGIN' APARTMENT, MORON!!"

The other residents of the apartment came out of their room and glared at Sonic. "SSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" they hissed.


The door to his apartment flew open, smacking him on the face. "OWW!!" There standing in the doorway was Shadow, holding up a pair of boxers

"Is this yours, Sonic? What was it doing on my bed?!" Shadow said, sounding like he was scolding his roommate. Which is actually funny, really.

"What are you talking about, Shad? I don't wear boxers!!" retorted Sonic.

"You... don't?" Sonic shook his head and pointed to his... area down there. "..."




"... YUCK!!!" Shadow shrieked and threw the boxers over the railing. "So if it's not yours, then who's is it?!"






Tails and Knuckles's apartment

"Knuckles, give me back my spork!"


Rouge, Amy, and Tikal's apartment

Rouge sat at her computer, blankly staring at the computer screen. "What the heck's happening??!!! Amy! Tikal! Get in here!!"

Amy and Tikal came out of their rooms and went to Rouge. "What do ya want?" Amy asked groggily.


The two looked at the computer. Tikal gasped and pointed at moniter. "AAAHHHHH!!! IT'S A VIRUS!!!!"



Rouge blinked and suddenly looked down at the keyboard, twiddling her thumbs. "Um... I got this e-mail from someone and the subject was, "I luv u"."

Tikal screeched. "That's the I LUV U virus!! Stupid Rouge! Now everything on our computer will be deleted!!"

Amy looked at her. "There's nothing on our computer."

"... Oh. Well, raspberries are particularly useful for constipation."

Rouge and Amy stared at her. "................... What?"

'Oh crap!!' "What?"

"You said something about constipation and--"

"IT'S TRUE!! IT'S TRUE!!! STOP TEASING ME!!" Tikal cried, running into her bedroom sobbing.



Eggman's apartment

Eggman closed his briefcase, locking it. "Ah! I am finally done! Now, to call the others." He walked over to the phone and called Sonic and Shadow's phone number.




"Hello?" sighed a person from the other line.

"Why hello there, Sonic the Hedgehog. It's Robotnik. Meet me and the others at the park at 2pm. Bring Shadow."

"Uh... how come?"


"I know where you live too, my dear."

"Whaaatever. Bye" Eggman hung up. Then he picked up the phone and dialed Knuckles and Tails's phone number.


"WHAT DO YOU WANT??!!!" yelled a deep voice from the other line.


"... Who's this?"

"It is Robotnik."

"Oh. I'm Knuckles."

"Good morning, my love."

"Aww, I love you too."



Tails raised an eyebrow at Knuckles.



"Anyway, Knuckles, meet me in the park with the others at 2pm. Bring Tails."

"What for?"

"SOMETHING!! Goodbye, my love." Eggman hung up only to pick up the phone again. He dailed Rouge, Tikal, and Amy's phone number.







"LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU FARGIN' TELEMARKETERS!!!" Amy screeched as she answered the phone.

"I'm not a telemarketer, my dear. It is Dr. Robotnik. Meet me at the park at 2pm. Bring Rouge and Tikal."

"........... Oh. Well, bye then."

"Farewell." Eggman put down the phone and looked up at the clock. 1:45pm. "I might as well be early." With that, he picked up his large suitcase and slammed close the door to his empty apartment.

Shadow and Sonic's Apartment

"Shadow, put on your shoes please."

"But Sonikku, I want to run around the street yelling, "I'M NEKKID!!""

"Well you cannot do that. Besides, they see that all the time."

"...... Poopy." Shadow pouted and sat on the floor, starting to put on his socks. "You're no fun."

"But of course, my hedgie pal."

Suddenly, someone started knocking harshly outside the apartment door. "SONIC!!!! GET OUT HERE, YOU BRAINLESS FOOL!!"

Sonic calmly walked over to the front door and saw Knuckles and Tails. "Well, good morning, my dear friend. How are you?"

Tails raised an eyebrow. "Why are you acting like that?"

Sonic sat on the floor in a meditation pose, with incense behind him and eerie music playing. "I have turned to the life of a kind, religious person. I am no longer mean and obnoxious."

Shadow, Tails, and Knuckles stared at him.


Knuckles inched to the doorway. "Um, let's get to the park already."

"Right, my dear friends."

"....... o__O;;"

So, the three of them headed to the park where the girls and Eggman were already at.

"Hello, cheesies!" Eggman giggled as he saw Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Tikal, and Amy,

"Hello, Eggman!"



"Why do I have a feeling that we're missing someone?" Rouge asked.

Somewhere else...

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Shadow screamed as Link, Marth, and Roy were chasing him with rabid looks in their eyes and their swords in the air.

Pioneer Park...

"Bah, it must be nothing." Knuckles said. Everybody shrugged.

"So, what is up, Eggface?" Amy asked.

Eggman glared at her. "Excuse me, but my name is Dr. Robotnik!" He got out a shotgun and shot the authoress.


"Okay fiiiiine. But can I call you Dr. Eggnik?" Amy made puppy eyes.

"Eggnik?! What kind of name is that!?"

"Mon chipmunk est coincé dans la toilette!"

Rouge burst out laughing. Everybody else stared at Amy.

"What did she say?" Tails asked Rouge.

"BAH HA HA!!" She fell over.

"I said, my chipmunk is stuck in the toilet." Amy said happily, holding up a drenched chipmunk. The poor thing stared at everyone with large eyes. "But luckily, I managed to get it out."

Sonic gasped. "Oh no! The poor creature!" He raced towards the chipmunk with arms outstretched, but Amy sidestepped and the hedgehog fell to the floor.

"No, Sonic! You must--"

"WOULD YOU PEOPLE LISTEN TO ME FOR WHAT I HAVE TO SAY?!!!" Eggman screamed as loud as he can. The Sonic Crew and the rest of the neighborhood shut up.

"THANK YOU!! Anyway, I am here to make an announcement."

The Sonic Crew stared at him with huge eyes.

"I will be leaving for a week."

Everyone blinked.



"... I'll be in Hawaii, due to... 'business' reasons."

Everyone (except Sonic) cheered. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!"

Eggman growled and smacked everyone on the head. "SHUT UP!!! YOU INSOLENT FOOLS!! WON'T YOU MISS ME?!!"

The Sonic Crew switched glances with each other, then looked at the circular man. "Not really."

"BAH! THAT'S IT! I'M LEAVING!!" Eggman shouted. He whistled, summoning a taxi right out of nowhere. He squeezed inside and pointed south. The taxi drove off.

Sonic shook his head. "Why do you treat Dr. Ivo so? He did nothing to harm you all. I know, that deep down inside, Dr. Robotnik is a good, caring man. He cares about the entire population of earth. If only you gave him the chance to--"

Knuckles smacked Sonic, which caused the hedgehog to whimper slightly. "What the heck?! You're starting to sound like a hippie!"

The blue hedgehog did nothing.

"Aww, don't hurt Sonic!" Tikal pleaded. Knuckles rolled his eyes.

"You're a hippie too, Ti. And an old one at that."

"WHAAT?! YOU SHALL PAY, YOU BRAINLESS WHIPPERSNAPPER!" raged Tikal, tackling Knuckles. Both got into a brawl.

Sonic shook his head disapprovingly. "Violence will not lead to anything, my friends."

Rouge gave Sonic a look and poked his sides with her boot. "Um, get up Ghandi, we need to find Shadow."

Everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at Rouge. "Shadow?!"

"Isn't he here?" Tails said, looking around.

"Do you SEE Sonic here?!"

"... What?" asked Sonic.

"Oops, I didn't mean you, Peacemaker. I mean Shadow."

Suddenly, a black and red hedgehog screaming madly ran by them, three good-looking swordsmen chasing him while calling out bizarre battle phrases.


"GET BACK HERE, SHADOW!!! MOOOKACHIKIWALAAAA!!!" yelled the blond one.

"OOONG!!" The blue-haired one said.

"CONSTIPATION!!" shouted the red-head. The hedgehog, blond, and the blue-haired one stopped and stared at him. "What?"

Tikal burst out sobbing. "STOP TEASING ME!!!"

Everybody's gaze turned to her. "What are you talking about??!!" Amy yelled.

Tikal, realizing that nobody has found out her secret, (yet) gulped. "N-nothing, my dear friends!"

"That's //my// line..." Sonic whispered. He ahemed and returned to his Ghandi-like state.

The Sonic Crew realized that the black and red hedgehog was Shadow. "SHADOW!!"

Shadow smiled at them and waved. "Hi!"

"Shadow, I must tell you something!" said the redhead, otherwise known as Roy. He stepped up to Shadow.

"... What?"

"Shadow! I am your mother!"

Shadow raised an eyebrow. "Aren't you my father?"

Knuckles gasped and pointed a finger. "PLAIGARISM!!"

"SHHHHHHHH!!!" Everyone including the authoress hissed.

"Anyway, I repeat!! Aren't you my father?" asked Shadow.

Roy blinked. "Uh, yeah! That too!"

Link gasped and took Roy by the shoulders. "Is there something you're not telling us, Roy??!!"

The redhead looked away in shame. "Yes! I have an undying love for Marth!! LEAVE ME AND MY TEENAGE MISERY ALOOONE!!" he cried, tearing away from Link and running off into a random direction. He smacked right into a pole. "OWW!!! STUPID POLE!!" He rubbed his head and stood up, pointing at the pole dramatically. "NOW MY TEENAGE MISERY WILL GET WORSE BECAUSE OF YOU!! HOW CAN DO THAT TO ME??!!" He then ran off sobbing.

"Uh... uh... uuhhh..." Marth blinked many times, looking around frantically.

Link looked at his watch. "Um, our cameo time is up, Marth! Let us go and comfort Roy!" Link grabbed Marth's wrist and began running the direction Roy left.

The Sonic Crew just stood there, blinking.

"What the heck just happened?" Tails asked.


] --~*~-- [

Ah, um, don't ask. *cough* Hehehe, Link, Marth, Roy AND Riku had a cameo. Ehehe, right. Okay, so this chapter was 2 KB under my usual standard, but 2 KB isn't too much, ne? Well, whatever. And please, don't be offended by any of which I've written! I just write for fun! Honest! ^_^V (that's the only smiley in this whole chapter)



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