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"BOREDOM" - Chapter 23

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Disclaimer: Sonic. & Co don't belong to me. Neither does the Phantom of the Opera! ^_^V

I'm sorry for the slow update . . . you know me. >.> Thank you for 300 reviews, everyone! ^_^ I'll ignore the flames for now.

] ---~*~--- [

The Sonic Crew stared blankly as they watched a man in gray tights and a green skirt run away with a blue-haired man that had blue armor and looked like a girl-- (Marth: HEY!!!) EHEHE!!! *ahem* Anyway, the two were chasing a brown/red haired sobbing boy into the sunset. "Is it just me, or is our lives getting weirder and weirder?" Knuckles asked everybody.

"It's definitely not you," replied Sonic.

Rouge shrugged and lifted her arms behind her head, stretching. "I'm tired, you guys. Let's hit the hay?"

Everyone nodded at her and said their goodbyes' to everybody else, planning to meet at Pioneer Park tomorrow morning. However, Shadow and Rouge gave each other a look before they went off with their roommates to their rooms.

The Next Morning...

"Your spirit and my voice, in one combined!! The Phaaaaaantom of the Opera is there!! Inside my mind!!!"

The blue hedgehog swore, turning over on his stomach on his bed. He put a pillow over his head, desperately trying to block out Shadow's singing in the shower. One part of him wondered why the black and red hedgehog was taking a shower at six in the morning. Another part of him questioned why Shadow was singing the girl part of the song and how the heck he managed to crank his voice that high.

Suddenly the bathroom door slammed open, revealing a drenched Shadow standing in the doorway, shower fog coming from behind him, evaporating in cold air. "I am victorious!!!" he declared, singing in an opera voice.

Sonic glared at him from under his blue pillow. "SHUT. UP."

Shrugging, Shadow slid off the towel from around his waist and dried the rest of himself with it. "But I'm rehearsiiiiing!!!" He was still talking in that opera-like voice.

The blue hedgehog didn't bother asking. "Please, shut up!" Whining, Sonic got another pillow and put it over the one already over his spiky head.

"Neevvaarr! If you excuuuuse meeee, I'm going to go make..." he paused, raising a fist in the air. Sonic eyed him strangely. "BREEEAKKKFFAAASSTTT!!!!!!!!!!!"

The windows threatened to crack. Sonic whimpered into his pillows.


"And though you tuuuurn from meeee! To GLANCE behiiiiiiiind!!!! The PHAAAAAAANtom of the Opera is theeeere!! Inside your miiiinndd!!!" Even hours after Shadow got out of the shower, he was //still// singing Phantom of the Opera music. Sonic had gotten used to it and was walking silently beside the black and red hedgehog, biting his fingernails. Strangers eyed Shadow as he struck a high note with his deep alto voice.

Soon enough, the two had gotten to the entrance of Pioneer Park at 9am. Tikal, Amy, and Tails were sitting on the swings, with Knuckles leaning against a pole and Rouge standing beside him. "Remind me again //why// we're meeting at this time?" The red echidna asked his relative.

Tikal grinned at Rouge and Amy. "The girls and I planned somethin' special."

"Special, as in?"

"Somethin' special!"

"Hey guys," Sonic greeted casually.


Knuckles, Tikal, and Tails eyed him. "What the . . .?" Knuckles mumbled.

Sonic waved a hand dismissively. "Eh. For some unknown reason, he's gotten into Phantom of the Opera music."

"IN ALL YOUR FANTASIIIIIES!! YOU ALWAYS KNEEWWW!! THAT MAN AND MYSTERY!!!" Shadow made his voice more girly. "Were both in yoouu!!" Rouge sent him a 'shut up!!' look.

Tails gave him a scared look. "o__O;; Sonikku, he's scaring me!!" He jumped up and sobbed into Sonic's arms. The blue hedgehog sweatdropped.

"Hey Sonic, what happened to your Ghandi-like state thing that you were in yesterday?" Tikal asked.

"Eh, it got boring after last night..." The blue hedgehog trailed off as he looked around. "So, now what do we do?"

Tikal got up from the swing, smiling. "Like I said, the girls and I planned stuff today so we won't be as bored as ever." She raised her finger, narrowing her eyes threateningly. "None of you should say that you're bored. NONE. Or I will personally MAUL YOU TO DEATH WITH MY CLAWS OF DOOM."

Everyone stared at her, eyes full of fear. FEAR, I TELL YOU!! "Yes ma'am!!"

The orange echidna brightened, smiling cheerfully. "Okay! Great!"

"So what's the plan?" Knuckles asked, crossing his arms.

Amy cleared her throat, getting up from the swings. "First, we go have a nice brunch!" She checked her watch. "It's 12pm now. And after that, Rouge will drive us somewhere!"

Sonic raised an eyebrow. "Somewhere where?"

"Somewhere! ^_^"

Sonic fell over.

"All righty Knuckles-chan, let's go in your car!" Amy shrieked, leaping on Knuckles's back. "PIGGEH-BACK-RIDE!!!!"

"GIT OFF, YA BRAT!!!" yelled Knuckles like an old man. "DARN WHIPPERSNAPPER!!"

"He's getting all this from you," Sonic muttered to Tikal. She just stuck her tongue out.

Everyone followed Knuckles (who was still carrying Amy) to his beloved SUV and packed in, the space increased since Eggman was gone. Knuckles revved up the engine and put the car to drive, driving it out of the driveway and to a random road. "So, where are we going for brunch?" The red echidna looked in the rear view mirror at the girls.

"SHAKER'S/CONRAD'S/CROCODILE CAFE!!!!" Amy, Tikal, and Rouge all screamed at the same time.

"SHAKER'S!" growled Amy.

Tikal hissed. "CONRAD'S!"

"CROCODILE CAFE!!!" Rouge pounced on both of them, all three of them getting into a fight in the backseat.

Tails cheered. "Woo, catfight!!" The boys gave him the "what-the-heck" look. "What??"

Rouge emerged from the cloud of smoke just as Knuckles stopped at a stoplight. "HAH!! I WIN!!" She turned to her boyfriend, smiling sweetly. "Crocodile Cafe, honey! ^.~"

The red echidna smiled back, sweatdropping mildly. "Sure, sweetie!"

Everybody but Rouge, Knuckles, and Amy gagged at the nicknames.

"Hey yo! You be no makin' fun o' mah sweetie and I, yo yo!!" Rouge snapped her fingers in front of her face.

Everybody inched away from her.

Soon enough, everybody reached the Crocodile Cafe, climbing out of the car and into the restaurant. However, as they reached the door, it was locked. The restaurant was closed.

"What?! But it shouldn't be closed at this time!!" Tikal muttered, checking her watch.

"Oi, NOW where are we going to eat?" Tails sighed.

Sonic looked around. Soon he saw a restaurant across the street. "Hey! We could eat there!"

". . . That's Jack in the Box." stated Rouge flatly.

"I know. But it's better than nothing, ne?"

Everyone shrugged, deciding to go along with it since they had nowhere else to go. When they entered the fast food place, they went immediately to the counter.

"I'D LIKE A BURGER/CHEESEBURGER AND CURLY FRIES!!!!" everyone yelled at the same time.

"OKEY!!" The cashier gave them what they ordered, Sonic slapped a 20-dollar bill on the counter, and they walked off to find a seat.

Tikal began singing. "Aaaayaaayaaiiii!! Something, something in Spanish!!" Then she took a large bite from her cheeseburger.

It went like that for a few minutes, everyone else eating and chatting and L-Gurl doesn't feel like doing a diner scene now.

After a while, everybody packed into the car once more, Rouge their new driver.

"Okay! OFF WE GO TO SANTA MONICA!!!" Amy declared.

"Santa Monica? As in Santa Monica pier?" Knuckles asked.



Rouge grinned and revved up the car engine and it darted out of the parking lot into the freeway. Finally, everybody got there. They all went out of the car and looked at the entrance to the pier.

"OOOOOHHH . . . SHIIIIINNNYYYYYY . . ." Shadow whispered, eyes glittering.

"SHUSH, MORTAL!!!" Sonic yelled in a demonic voice. Shadow whimpered, cowering and bursting into horrified tears.

"STOP SCARING THE BISHIE!!!!" A bunch of Shadow fangirls came up from nowhere, tackling Sonic and beating the living crap out of the poor thing.

The blue hedgehog cried out to his friends, but all of them, including Shadow, whistled and walked away as if they didn't know him. Hah. Some friends they were. ^^;;

Shadow blinked and turned back. "Hey Sonikku! I'll wait for you. ^_^"

Knuckles turned to him and everyone else. "Hey you guys, let's meet by the Ferris Wheel at 7:30pm, a'ight?"

Everyone nodded at him and split up, Shadow smiling as he waited for his fangirls to stop beating the life out of his friend.



Rouge squealed as she saw a game booth. One of the prizes was a very cute and very LARGE light brown teddy bear with a purple bow tied around it's neck. "Oooh, Knuxie-chan!" Rouge tugged Knux's arm.

The red echidna glanced at her. "Yeah, Rouge?"

"Can you try winning me that teddy bear?" she asked sweetly, pointing at the large stuffed animal.

Knuckles looked at the task; all he had to do was score a basketball shot. "Hah! Easy as pie! Sure I'll get it for you, Rouge!" He digged into his pockets, drawing out a one-dollar bill. "How much'll this get me?"

"Two balls," the man said gruffly, shoving two basketballs in Knuckles's chest. The red echidna took careful aim at the basket, and shot it.

. . . It didn't make it.

Rouge frowned.

Knuckles grinned at her. "Hey, it's only the first shot! I'll make this next one." He grabbed the second ball, took careful aim again, and shot it.

. . . It didn't make it.

Rouge's frown deepened. Knuckles also frowned, slamming another dollar on the counter.



Amy, Tikal, and Tails were in line for the boat-dragon ride.

"Would you please explain to me what this ride is again??" Tikal asked.

Amy sighed. "This ride is fun, don't worry! It's like in a shape of a boat or like a crescent, and it swings back and forth! It's really fun!"

"I don't feel so . . . good . . ."

"You won't throw up!"

The spirit looked at the people going 'WhOa!" on the ride. She clutched her stomach, sinking to her knees weakly. "I'm already getting sick."

The hedgehog began panicking. "Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap she's going to throw up!!!" Amy cried.

Tails whipped out a paper bag. Amy snatched it from him, handing it to the weak Tikal. She ran over to the nearest trashcan and barfed in the bag.

"Eeeeeewwww..." Tails and Amy shuddered.

"Hey you, hedgehog, fox boy, and that barfing echidna!!" yelled one of the people working at the rides. Amy and Tails looked at him. "You're next! C'mon, before the crowd behind you runs you over!"

Tails blinked. "What crowd-- AAHHHH!!!" He shrieked as a bunch of people/anthropomorphs literally RAN over them, squashing the hedgehog and fox.

"ACK!!" Amy breathed, getting up. "C'mon, Tails! Let's go!"

The kitsune got up also, rubbing his back. "What about Tikal?" Both of them looked at Tikal, whom was //still// throwing up her lunch.


"Let's leave her!" They both said happily, piling into the ride. The person who worked there sweatdropped.



Sonic and Shadow squealed like little girls as they lined up in the rollercoaster ride for the 16th time.

"I love this ride!" Sonic gushed.

"Me too!" Shadow agreed.

"This is my 16th time going on this!"

"Me too!"

"I'm never gonna get tired of this!"

"Me too!"

"I like eggs!"

"Me too!!!"

"WAAIII!!!" Shadow and Sonic clasped each other's hands, jumping up and down, eyes closed.

One of the men who worked at the ride, who was tired of the way they were acting (not to mention their girlish habits. o_O) began yelling at them as they came upon the front of the line. "HEY YOU HEDGEHOGS!!! C'mon, c'mon, start movin'!"

"WEEEE!!!" The two hedgies piled into their seats, giggling like Japanese school girls as the ride took off again.

The man sighed. "Oh Lord, shoot me..."

*grabs a shotgun and shoots the man* ^___^

Suddenly, a police officer began running towards me, a long black stick in one hand and a handgun in the other. "STOP!!!"

I'm not moving. o_O

He halted, pointing his gun at me threateningly. "Narrator, you are arrested for committing a 1st Degree murder. Come with me, please."

But I have a story to narrate!

He came up from behind me and handcuffed me, I struggling as hard as I could.

"Now c'mon, bub, we've got to get you to the station."

NO!!! NO!!! YOU CAN'T JUST TAKE ME LIKE THIS!!! I DEMAND A REMATCH!!! He eyed me strangely, as I continued thrashing while he dragged me away.

(L-Gurl: Well. That was interesting. o_O I NEED A NEW NARRATOR!!!)
(Random Guy in his Teens in the Audience Who Happened to Look Very Handsome: ME!! ME!!!)
(L-Gurl: Yeah!! Come'ere, man!)
(RGIHTITAWHTLVH: *comes up*)
(L-Gurl: *stares, drools*)
(Shadow: *slaps L-Gurl*)
(L-Gurl: OWW!!! *to the guy* What's your name, handsome? ^_~)
(L-Gurl: Heehee... you're Japanese? ^^)
(RGIHTITAWHTLVH [Ryo]: No, I'm a Filipino who happens to have a Japanese name.)
(L-Gurl: *thinking: SCORE!!!! XDD* Yey! You're the new narrator then, Ryo. ^^V)
(Ryo: Yey!)

*AHEM* Heya, everyone! I'm the new narrator of this fic, Ryo Santiago. ANYWAY!!! Where were we?

... OH YAH!!

The ambulance along with firefighters and police surrounded the rollercoaster area, took the worker's dead body, cleaned the spot where he was shot, and drove away as if nothing ever happened. The people in line acted as if nothing happened either.

The two hedgehogs frowned as the ride came to an abrupt halt. Sonic and Shadow climbed out of it, turning to each other.

"Again?" Sonic grinned.

Shadow nodded vigorously. "Yep! And after we have to meet everyone else in front of the Ferris Wheel."




Knuckles growled, as he didn't make another one of his shots. He searched in his pocket, pulled out another dollar bill and banged it on the counter. The man working there gave him two balls.

Rouge bit her lip. This was Knuckles's 86th--

"87." the bat corrected. Oh. Excuse me. This was Knuckles's 87th shot and not once had he made it. The red echidna took aim . . . and missed.

"ARGH!!!!" he yelled, frustrated as he stuck his hand in his pockets again.

Rouge sweatdropped, gently pulling on Knuckles's arm. "Umm, Knuxie-chan, it's okay! You don't have to get me that teddy bear anymore!"

Knuckles shook his head and slammed another dollar bill on the counter. "No, Rouge! You asked for it, you'll get it!" he assured, determined. He began shooting again, both shots in which he missed.

Rouge sighed.



Amy and Tails walked sat at a table, Amy gently rubbing Tikal's back.

"Still feel nauseous?" She asked gently.

The orange echidna shook her head. "Not really..."

Tails blinked and held out his drink to her. "Hey, want some of my coke-pepsi-mountain-dew-dr. pepper combined drink with extra sugar?"

Tikal turned a strange shade of green and covered her mouth with a paper bag.

"Guess not," Tails shrugged and continued sipping his drink happily. "'Ey Amy, what time is it?"

The pink hedgie looked at her watch. "Oops! It's 7:30pm! We have to go meet everyone at the Ferris Wheel!"

"Okay, les' go!"

All three of them got up and walked towards the ride, Tikal feeling a bit better from the water she drank earlier.



"This was the last time, right?"

"Yep. Let's go meet the others now."




Sonic and Shadow headed to the end of the rollercoaster ride's line again.



"I CAN DO IT!!!" He missed. "DARN IT!!!" He shot. He missed. "WHY WON'T IT GO IN??!!!!!"

"Maybe cuz you suck," offered the man who worked there, snickering.

"SHUT UP, YOU!!" spat the red echidna, growling. He held out another dollar-bill and received two more basketballs.

Rouge was sitting down on the ground beside her boyfriend, watching his futile attempts to make a basket. 'Well, at least I know he sucks at //something.//'

Knuckles snarled as he didn't make another shot. He sighed. "Ah Rouge, I give up..."

The bat jumped up, eyebrows raised. "REALLY?!!!"

"Yeah . . . I can never get it in."

'YES!!!' Rouge was jumping in glee inside. On the outside, she frowned. "Aww Knux, it's okey! Hey, you have one more shot. Go for it!"

"Eh . . . might as well." Knuckles shrugged and threw the ball at the basket. He turned around and hooked his arm with Rouge in the direction of the Ferris Wheel. "Let's go."

"Hey you! Wait up!" the man's brusque voice called to Knuckles.

The red echidna turned around and saw the basketball spinning around the rim. It kept spinning and eventually it died down, finally landing through the net. Smirking, the man tossed Knuckles the large teddy bear. "Heh, there ya go, kid."

Knuckles blinked as he caught the stuffed animal. "I MADE IT?!!"


He leaped for joy, squealing. "WEEEE!!!" He then handed the teddy bear to Rouge, smiling gently. "For you. I worked hard for it." He winked.

Rouge also squealed as she held her new teddy bear in her arms, hugging her boyfriend. "Thank you sooo much, Knuxie! I love you!"

"I love you too."

Many Knuckles/Rouge shippers immediately stopped what they were doing and turned to the two, muttering an "Awwww! How sweet!"

Knuckles bared his teeth at them. All of them ran away screaming bloody murder.



At the Ferris Wheel, Amy, Tails, and Tikal waited in the end of the line for the others.

"Dude! Where //are// they??" Amy muttered, scanning the pier.

A blue figure followed by a black and red figure came speeding their way, appearing in an instant. "Hi guys!" Sonic greeted happily.

Tikal growled and leaped on Shadow's head, gnawing on his spines. Shadow cried out in pain.


Sonic eyed Tikal. "What's with her?"

"She got tired of waiting for you guys." Tails explained casually.

Amy poked the blue hedgehog. "WHAT were you doing, anyway?!"

"ROLLERCOASTERS!!!" squealed Sonic.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Shadow ran around the pier, screaming curses. "THE PAAIIINNN!!!!!!!! GET HER OFFFF!!!!" Tikal continued gnawing.

Rouge and Knuckles came up to them, hand-in-hand. Everyone turned to their direction and saw Rouge's new teddy bear.

"Awww! That's so precious!" Amy gushed as they neared.

"I know! Knuckles won it for me," giggled Rouge as she looked at Knuckles's tired face.

Amy held out her arms. "Can I see?"

"Sure!" The bat handed Amy her new stuffed animal, the pink hedgehog cuddling it.

Knuckles eyed Shadow and rabid Tikal. "Umm . . . are we going on the Ferris Wheel or what?"

"Oh yeah! We are!" Amy handed Rouge back her doll and, with the help of Sonic and Tails, pried Tikal off the now-sobbing Shadow. "Les' go!"

Everyone nodded at each other and waited in line, Shadow whimpering about how his head ached so. Soon enough, they were in the front of the line. The woman working there opened one of the booth's doors and all seven of them piled in.

Tails looked wide-eyed out the window. "Woooow . . . I can see everything!" He pointed to the sea. "Hey, look! . . . IS THAT A DOLPHIN?!!!"

"WHERE?!?!?!?!?" Amy, Tikal and Rouge screeched, slamming their faces on the window. "OWWW!!"

The boys sweatdropped.

"I SEE IT!! IT SEE IT!!!" Tikal called, rolling down the window's glass and pointing at an area of the sea.

Rouge and Amy literally shoved her out of her spot and looked out. "WHERE??!!!"


Shadow sighed, looking out another window that showed the Santa Monica Pier.

"What's wrong, Shads?" Sonic asked.

"I wanna go back on the rollercoaster . . ."

Sonic sweatdropped.

Suddenly, one of Knuckles's dreadlocks was in someone's hand and he was forced to the window. "KNUXIE-CHAN!! LOOKIT THE DOLPHINS!!!!"


Rouge squeaked an 'oops' as she let go of Knuckles's damaged dreadlocks. "Sorry, Knuckles! ^^;;"

"Eh," the red echidna tended to it, glancing out the window at the dolphins every so often. "S'okay."

Tails eyed the large teddy bear sitting in the corner. "'Eyyyy! That reminds me of my Hello Kitty doll I used to have!"

"The doll which you ripped it's head off?" Sonic muttered.


Rouge gasped and grabbed her stuffed animal, holding it protectively. Everyone sweatdropped.

Their Ferris Wheel ride finally came to an end, the Sonic Crew climbing out of it and heading towards the parking lot.

As they climbed in and Knuckles started the car, everyone began talking.

"So what'd you guys do?" Sonic asked the others since he and Shadow weren't with them.

"Well, Knuckles and I went on a few rides like the rollercoaster ride and that dragon ride," Rouge explained. Tikal frowned at the memory of the dragon ride. "We played at some of the booths but spent the majority of the time at that basketball thing. Knuckles won me my new teddy bear." She said happily. Knuckles glanced at Rouge smiling from the rear view mirror and grinned too.

"Well, yeah, it was worth it," Knuckles laughed. "What'd you guys do, Shads?"

Shadow shrugged. "The same as you, but we spent most of the time at the rollercoaster ride."

"Oh yeah!" Sonic added, "The narrator shot the man working there."

Everybody gave Sonic the 'oh-my-god' look. Then they turned to the narrator, me-- h-hey, why are you staring at me like that?! o__O;;

"YOU SHOT SOMEONE!!!" Tails gasped, pointing an accusing finger.


"Yeah, that's true." Shadow said, nodding. He pointed at me. "That's our new narrator, Ryo."

"HI RYO!!" everyone greeted.

Hi! ^^;;

"Ah, but I'll always miss Fred . . ." Amy sighed, speaking of the old narrator. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Fred, you will always be in our hearts!!!" Shadow yelled out the window. Sonic rolled his eyes and pulled the hedgehog back in the car.

Rouge blinked, suddenly remembering something. "KNUCKLES!!!!" she yelled in his ear.

"OWW!!!! MY EARDRUMS!!!!" the red echidna cried.

"Sorry again! ^^;; But after we get home, can we meet up again Pioneer Park?" Rouge asked everyone.

"Rouge-chan, it's almost 9pm!" Knuckles explained.

"I DON'T CARE!!" she yelled in a demon-like voice. Everyone whimpered and nodded. They eventually got to their apartment and Knuckles parked his beloved SUV. Everybody shoved their way out and scurried to their apartment rooms to do whatever they needed to do before heading to Pioneer Park, which was just a few blocks away.





"ACK!!! GET OFF!!!!"

Tails whimpered, clutching onto Sonic tighter, the opposite of what the blue hedgehog yelled. Shadow was singing loudly, obnoxiously, and "scarily", well, at least to Tails.

Sonic gave up trying to pry Tails off him. Knuckles sighed, then blinked. "Isn't this like Deja Vu?! Tails jumped on Sonic earlier because Shadow was singing weirdly..."

Sonic shrugged, not caring. He turned to Tikal. "Where's Rouge and Amy?

The orange echidna shrugged. "I dunno, Sonic. Amy is //slow// at getting ready, and Rouge wouldn't tell me what she's doin' in there."

"There?" Knuckles asked.

"The bathroom." She shrugged again. "She's becoming weirder these days..."

At Pioneer Park, Sonic, Shadow, Tikal, Knuckles and Tails all sat near the swings. Tails and Tikal sat on the swings, Sonic and Shadow were leaning against the poles and Knuckles was just standing there, arms crossed, like last time.

"Hey, hey! I'm here!!" Amy called as she entered the park, wearing an altered version of her standard costume. Instead of the morning red color, it was a dark magenta.

"What took ya?" Tikal asked.

The pink hedgehog stopped by the swings where everybody else stood. "My usual outfit was dirty so I rummaged in my closet and found this!"

"What happened with Rouge?" asked Tails, finally getting off Sonic. The blue hedgehog relaxed.

"I don't know . . . she was still in the bathroom when I left."

Shadow cleared his throat loudly, causing everyone else to look at him. "Sing, my ANGEL of Muuussiiiic!!" He yelled enthusiastically. Everyone also eyed his duds, not to mention that he was dressed in a black tuxedo and over that was a flowing black cape, the inside a shade of crimson. Over his face was a white mask that covered half his face and his entire nose. Around his neck, was his beloved necklace he found in chapter 3. He never took it off, unless he slept or took a shower, for your information.

Amy raised an eyebrow. "Why are you wearing that? And why are you singing Phantom of the Opera music??"

The blue hedgehog waved dismissively. ("HE WAVED HIS HAND DISMISSIVELY EARLIER TOO!!! I TOLD YOU!! DEJA VU!!!" Knuckles yelled.) "Get used to it, Amy." Sonic turned to Shadow. "Please don't do that high thing that Christine does," he begged, covering his ears. Shadow shook his head, grinning widely. Suddenly, a new voice was heard in the distance.

"He's there! The Phantom of the Opera!!"

(A/N: You know, it would SO help if you listened to "The Phantom of the Opera" song while reading this. ^_^V)

Everyone's heads snapped to the source of the voice. There standing in Pioneer Park's entrance was a silhouetted figure, most likely female. She was dressed in a gorgeous blue-white gown. Laces and pearls decorated it, embroidering a lovely pattern around the dress. The arms of the gown were long and see-through, the ends flaring out at her wrists. The gown itself was shimmering, adorned with glitters. It was a v-neck, stopping at the base of her breasts. (Oh shush, you pervs! -_-;;) Around her neck was a fancy pearl necklace and on her large ears hung dangling pearl earrings. She had on a chocolate-colored wig that looked like actual wavy/curly hair. It tied up in a semi-tight bun, some strands of curly brown hanging down. The figure was also wearing make-up, her eyes smoky to give her a mysterious look; her lips a color of blood red, her cheeks tinted a small bit of pink.

The skies suddenly darkened, giving the impression of late night. The Sonic Crew ('cept the figure and Shadow) jumped, looked around and shuddered at the sudden mysterious feeling around them. Fog began building up around the park, the strange sensation increasing. Everybody's hearts pounded as organ music began playing from all sides of the area.

The silhouette slowly began advancing towards them, fog swirling around her as if it were alive. The closer she got, the louder the music became, and the more visible she was. Everyone gasped as they took a good look at her. Rouge Est le Meilleur.

"SHE'S THE FIGURE??!!!" Knuckles yelled. He did a double take. "DUDE!! SHE LOOKS HOT!!!"

Everyone fell over.

The organ music became louder as Rouge opened up her mouth to speak... or rather, sing.

"In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came . . .
That voice which calls to me, and speaks my name . . .
And do I dream again? For now, I find . . .
The Phantom of the Opera is there -" She reached out a hand and made it to a fist, drawing it to her chest dramatically, closing her eyes. She continued to walk gracefully.
"Inside my mind . . ."

Everyone stared at her, jaws dropped. Then they stared as Shadow began advancing towards HER, smiling. His gorgeous alto voice, extremely different from how he sang earlier with Sonic, reverberated throughout the park.

"Sing once again with me! Our strange duet . . .
My power over you grows stronger yet!" At this, Knuckles growled something inappropriate.
"And though you turn from me, to glance behind!" He accidentally tripped over a branch, falling on his face. Everyone sweatdropped as the music stopped. Shadow scrambled back up, sending a 'sorry' look at Rouge. The music started again and the hedgehog continued.
"The Phantom of the Opera is there!
Inside your mind . . ."

Rouge and Shadow stopped in their places. They were three feet away from each other.

The bat starting singing again.
"Those who have seen your face draw back in fear . . .
I am the mask you wear . . ."

Shadow started from where she left off.
"It's me they hear. . ."

Rouge began walking towards Shadow, as if in a trance. Both began singing.
"Your/my spirit and your/my voice, in one combined:
The Phantom of the Opera is there . . .
Inside your/my mind . . ."

The bat finally got to Shadow. The black and red hedgehog took her arm in his, leading her somewhere unknown. The rest of the Sonic Crew followed, all of them seeming to be in the same trance as Rouge was. They began chanting in different tones.

"He's there. . . The Phantom of the Operaaaa!!
Beware. . . The Phantom of the Operaa!!"

Shadow opened up his mouth again.
"In all your fantasies, you always knew . . .
That man and mystery . . ."

Rouge finished for him.
". . . Were both in you. . ."

Together, they sang again.
"And in this labyrinth--"
The music cut off abruptly. Rouge and Shadow looked around, finding out that they weren't in a labyrinth. They adjusted the words and the music started up again.
"And in Pioneer Park . . . where night is blind, the Phantom of the Opera
Is there/here
Inside your/my mind. . ."

Both of them stopped, standing in front of each other. Shadow whispered something, but it was loud enough for everyone to hear.
"Sing, my Angel of Music!"

Rouge smiled. "He's there,
The Phantom of the Opera . . ." She began to vocalize strangely, her voice going higher and higher. ("Sing..." Shadow whispered.)

"Sing!" Shadow encouraged. Rouge sang higher.

"Sing for me!"


"Sing, my Angel of Music!!" Shadow repeated.

Higher. Higher.

"SING FOR MEEE!!!" He yelled.



. . . In which the windows broke.

The instant the windows broke, Rouge fainted, Shadow catching her. The rest of the Sonic Crew snapped out of their trance, shaking their heads madly.

Shadow grinned, handing the unconscious Rouge at Knuckles. "Did you like our performance?"

Knuckles stared at Rouge in his arms. "Dude! She's HOT in this outfit!!"

Everyone sweatdropped.

The fog began disappearing, the dark skies lifted and the normal shade of evening took over, dark clouds and twinkling stars scattering the skies. The mysterious feeling vanished, leaving a sense of warmth everywhere.

"Dude, Shadow! That was awesome!!" Sonic said, doing a lame imitation of a surfer-dude's voice. "Like, where'd you learn to sing like THAT?!"

"Internet!" He said proudly.

"Inter. . . net?"


There was an awkward silence.

"What was the purpose of that performance, may I ask?" Knuckles, well, asked.

"The purpose? The purpose was to please L-Gurl and her new-found obsession with The Phantom of the Opera!" Shadow explained, taking off his mask.

"That was really good." Tikal muttered.

"So . . . umm . . ." Amy mumbled.

"Can we go home now?" Tails asked.

Rouge cracked an eye open. "Yep!"

"Okey! We'll see you guys tomorrow or something!" Amy and Tikal called as they carried the unconscious Rouge to their room. Knuckles and Tails also waved goodbye, leaving Sonic and Shadow in the park.

Sonic turned to Shadow. "Dude."


The blue hedgehog eyed Shad's cape. "Well . . ."

Shadow followed his glance and sweatdropped, unclipping the cape and handing it to Sonic. "There you go. ^^;;"

"WWEEEEE!!!" Sonic giggled and clipped the cape around his neck. He paused, looking at Shadow again.

"Now what?" Shadow asked.

"Up for some karaoke at the nearest bar?"


And off the two hedgehogs went to sing karaoke at the nearest bar, skipping arm in arm.



"They didn't even think about me!!"

A shadowed figure growled angrily.

"I'll show 'em. . . They'll see!"

Then he proceeded to laugh like an evil maniac.

"BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA-- ACK!!" He clutched his throat and spit out a fly. "STUPID FLY!!"

] ---~*~--- [

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